Fallen To Society

Fallen To Society 

It starts out grand, glorious, magical, with a slight hint of reality. All things are new, all things transpire in extraordinary breath. Our eyes gleam with excitement with each passing day. Till we no longer can remain in shuttering struggle to stay awake. Even the stars are miraculous, bleeding with a stupendous view. Leaving not a moment for us to think the world is otherwise. 
Our innocents compliments our curiosity, though we may find ourselves behind a pointed finger of anger. Only to end up with a smile so splendid, those that care, but must punish, can no longer remain riddled with temper.

We charm our way with pleasant laughter and doughy eyes. We find our hearts to brim with happiness, with most ambitious dreams. And when we learn to speak, though limited it may be. We become an adventure of why. Seeking answers though we may have no sense. Only to antagonize the elders to feel the limits of their patience. And unknowingly, we become mischievous in doing so. 

learning tricks to the game to gain an upper hand. So that we may find our tongues upon a savory treat, or upon playful lands, that expands upon our excitement for the outside.  

But as time draws, many become complacent in the dreaming of the mind. In the fields of imagination, leaving crops of thoughts, of wild beasts, knights, and creations that only exist in one soul, to rot. To fall ill to the doings of  who we perceive others perceive of us to be. 

Dwindling their minds with each second they do not feed their hearts. But feed their flesh, their image, their fashion, their clothes. They think and think, but never do. Only to follow, only barrow, never an original, only a copy. 

And further, many become vacant in their own skin. Living in the same shell only to ache as the soul can no longer spread. Finding themselves in a reflection of pilfered animosity of self. Lingering in a gloomy sense of despair, muddled in the dead hollows of self slander. 

Creating scandals of the soul, boiling ones own heart for the mere sake of young love, of social collectivism. 

Only to grow to the societal dance, we all create, in our own heads.

Have you ever fallen or left your dreams behind, your imagination for the mere sake of "fitting" into the world?  If so, what did you do to gain back your dreams, or what are you doing now, to do so?!

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