A Thankful Sacrifice

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A Thankful Sacrifice

Voices gather throughout this home, as a fire is lit, and music plays softly as children dive rigorously  into their imagination. Smells christen the air as they waltz across the sense of pleasurable memories that bring no burden. 

The music delicately coats the home like the rising color of crimson along the morning horizon. All is certain in this moment as all have this day in common. No one is forgotten, no go hungry in this is this day that glistens. 

Cheerful spirits lift this home from any friction and all become gladdened. The weather frosts the grounds but in here, among the fire, that plays with a hot hand of a chemical heathen. None are opposed or notice the cold. As they drink and laugh among the sweet scent of lemon. 

The elders gather the children and begin to tell tales of the magical huntsman. The one that saves the princess from an evil legion. And finds himself against a thousand henchmen, many which are trained horsemen. And in the telling of the story, the children become enthralled in the heroic nature of the huntsman.

They dash off from the story and imagine themselves the huntsman upon a stallion. Riding bravely through the evil queens land to fight the evil henchmen. But like all children, in the creation of an illusion. They bicker about who gets to play the champion. Only to end with much commotion, they drift from the audition. 

And in the wild but delightful collection of this beautifully contorted cohesion. A giant bird is given in sacrifice to be humbled in the giving of life. To be thankful for the compassion that lives in this home. To be thankful, though some may have found a downfall, but have hands to help bring back their fallen emotion. 

This is but a moment for all that brings a bright eruption of infectious unification, that creates a momentary Utopian symbolization of family constellations. This is what will create the memories to be shared for a life time of conversation.  

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