This is Who You are or Who You Can Become.

This is Who You are or Who You Can Become. 

You are a fire that cannot be stopped. You blaze all that leeches your soils, your waters, and your soul. You are the wind, always in constant, ever changing in direction to overcome, and never settling. You fill the lungs of those around you with exhilaration, laughter, joy, and euphoria.

You smile when tragedy strikes, but know to grieve upon its presence. You do not find love in others, but find love in yourself. The love you have of others, does not fill a void. But rather it amplifies who you are. It puts you tenfold above the world beneath your soul. It rises you to the stars from what you were. And the love others have for you. Brings a humble heart to your chest. For you are grateful to merely breathe in life. 

You understand the gratitude of love and embrace it where ever you go. You leap beyond the blue flames of hell and find yourself floating in the rivers of heaven. No days go without you absolutely capturing who you are, you strive to embarrass yourself, to break free from the limits you place in your mind. 

You find failure to be a gift, a gift that brings infinite lessons and you listen to all your failures. You raise others around you like a phoenix form the ashes. Your mere presence places those around you at ease. But you are not greedy in your gift, you share, you listen, you learn.

Your shadow does not follow you to bring fear, but follows you to remind you of what you once were. To show you how far you have come. 

And you have no empathy for the past for it stays where it stays, for it does not belong in the present. For you know the past is but poison, a threat to your existence, and breathing it in will bring extinction to you world, your imagination, your love. The past is what drives all mad into chaos.

You are a warrior of life and a believer of dreams, of love, faith, and kindness. Yet you understand the harsh realities of life, unlike the fly to time. You understand that bridges will burn, walls will be built and walls will fall. 

You understand harsh weather will come and wolves will look to devour. And serpents slither to deceive. You are no fool to the frozen hearts of life and are no fool to the lies of temptation. You have found value that exceeds your ego, you have found standards that break beyond the comprehension of the average. You find, there to be no time to rest in the growing of your soul. You seek adventure with each step and worry not about the wounds you will receive. 

For you know the ability to live, is a blessing you will never get again. 

This is who you are now, this is who you will remain. 

And if you are not there yet, you will be and you must be. You are more than the eyes inside your skull, more than the veins beneath your flesh, more than the muscles beneath your skin, more than the steps you have missed. You are you, and you are an unstoppable beast, with the thirst to conquer your dreams, your goals, your life. And with your fruitful soul, you demolish all fear that taunts your halls, all fear that attempts to pollutes your vision. 

Stand up now and breathe in you! 

Thank you for reading! Hope this lifted you up! 

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