I Could Not Find Love

I Could Not Find Love 

I could not find the love I was looking for. But stumbled upon love unexpectedly. No signs, no paths, just destiny waving it's flag in rising for my heart, our hearts.

Years I found myself delve deep into the auspicious world of love. But never accepting what it was, who I was.
Constantly guarding my wall with troops. Keeping any hands from taking loot.

My eyes mesmerized by the sea of love. But fearful was I in the generous body of water to swim among it's clarity.

I watched in from a distance, swelling my lungs with love. But quickly exahling it in fear of suffocation.

Love had been so close but so far. I kept it at at Bay, like doctor to illness. Finding every cure, but never to heal. Many lies trickled from my lips like the spilling of an ocean.

I flooded the lands of my heart like hurricanes upon shores. For many years, there was nothing but shattered sculptures of what I could have designed.

But I leapt with fear and stood at the highest point from the waters of love. Watching as others swam among it with warm embrace. Laughing, smiling with exuberance to something I keened for but with loathing and a fearful pulse.

But upon a small crack I decided to split into my wall. In some strange subliminal sign in hopes of finding love.

 You came, ripping Through like light in a dark room. And I fell back like a stone tumbling from a cliff. Lost were my eyes in your beauty, your soul.

I dreamt of you, but you showed no face.
I prayed of you, but felt no answer.
I whispered of you, but heard no echo.

All things of love that I cynically thought to despise. You plucked from my lying lips and pulled me to the seas. Healing my bleeding lips and becoming new within your breath and the taste of love.

Now I embrace the airs of love fully, till my lungs can fill no more and no longer inhale with fear.

Now, I exhale love in pleasure, only to breathe it back in.

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