Evil Will Always Breathe

Evil Will Always Breathe

Evil exists beyond our comprehension, it exists as feelings do, as love does. No measurement, no math can explain these things. Evil is sly with motives, filthed with no shame. Its heart engorged in blood lust, in anger, evil has no reason. As does the existence of smiles, there is the opposite. As does the existence love, there is the counter.

Evil has no conformed form. It lives within the splice of the physical, of the spiritual. It drips upon those whom swallowed sorrow like a pill. With each drip slowly rusting the soul like metal to harsh rain. Till the soul can move no more, till it becomes particles of what it once was.

left rusted with holes and bland in color, its once exuberant essence, now absent. Taken by the shrewdness of evil and evil cannot be explained and never should be.

For the explanation of that which is intangible, will drive one to madness. Losing sense of faith, belief, and the strive for something beyond. Turning blind to evil only adds, growing anger to evil only adds. In the spirit, what you take in you, give out.

What you speak withing you, give out. We bring illness upon ourselves, but with the choice to bring it upon others. Evil is no fool to the chaos of earth. The careless and simple beings that roam its soils.

Though evil exists as does love. There is more than enough goodness in life. But so easy do we speak of the heinous acts of others. It eerily draws our eyes, our thoughts. Words of evil spread upon headlines like butter, arousing the palate of our minds. Wickedness has an appeal, but why?
This I cannot say, for I am drawn to the views of it from time to time. But never act upon my thoughts.

Evil may exist in us all, but it is our decision execute its words or our decisions to cut from the corrupt dwellings within. Evil is plastered in our eyes morning till dawn. Dancing upon screens, history, and songs. Too often praised as something that must be heard. For if not spoken it will advance. But like a child in frustration, a child whom receives a gift to become calm. See's the value in tantrum. As does evil in the spreading of its actions.

But a mute mouth of those who see evil should not be. But the plastering of acknowledging evil, stopping evil, and always moving forward from evil. Is the grandstand of the heart. For acts of kindness out way the evil that seep from the gutters of hell. Smiles from children to parents brings goodness.

The lonesome man on the street corner who lost his job, is handed money from a stranger, that brings goodness. Or a man whom walks the streets in giving haircuts to the homeless, that brings goodness. Or woman who grows from a child and starts an organization to save those from the slaving of drugs, sexual abuse , and the corruption of evil. That brings goodness, goodness far out ways the evil tenfold.

If you do not see this, then maybe your eyes are too busy watching hell. Maybe your ears are too busy listening to the false words of the mind. Maybe you have hollowed your heart to become the victim of your own hatred. We see that which we embrace, that which we choose to live.

But why does evil seem to grow with each passing day? I believe our familiarity with sadness, pain, and sorrow is all too easily communicated among us. We all have experienced pain, rejection, sadness, and anguish. But for happiness, joy, relief, and true life. Few experience this, few understand life like the crow understands the wind.

Goodness out ways the evil, but we see goodness as simple. While we look at evil with complexity, like a math problem. A problem that has simple steps to a solution but has not been found yet. A complexity we wish to uncover. But evil cannot be uncovered, trying to uncover that which is intangible, will drive one beyond the lost walls of insanity.

Sadly we look at hell too often and find heaven to be a bore. We find ourselves pleasuring in the hells of flesh and then turn to complain about the chaos in our lives, in the world. Nothing good can spread if the masses do harm to themselves.

Goodness out ways the evil, but you must be willing to act well to others to see this. Evil is exists and will never cease, this brings great burden upon my soul. But this is why we must not falter to the deceitful wells of evil.

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