Could There Ever Be a Me and You?

Could there ever be a me and you? 

If there could be, it would be magnificent. It would be something to behold upon the world, we would be bold. Bold in our hearts for each other, bold in our adventures of happiness and tragedy, bold in our actions for each other.

We would rise like sparks from the heavens and never fade. Always giving light when the world seems to implode with misery. Leaving trails of brightly grown roses composed with streams of sublime grace. Creating a maze of stars within our kiss, losing all sense of time and existence. Feeling only our lips, our love, and the rhythm of our hearts.

Feeling perfect harmony as our souls collide like thunderous skies as we bring life to love. Giving birth to something intangible. Something that turns the coldest days into the warmest moments. We would be something grand. We would be something so grandiose an orchestra would render our souls.

Our days would be filled with laughter that would stretch our smiles so wide, we could smile no more. Our hours would be filled with conversation that spans beyond the visible. Skirting the edges our imagination like toes at an edge. Only to fall and find ourselves flying above the clouds.

We would be the reason love exists, the reason no moment is without bliss, without perfection. We would find ourselves sweeping the minutes of time as if they our last.  Relishing our favorites things, our favorites tunes, food, and moons. Getting lost in the cool summer night as our hands hold gently with our eyes guiding through the deepness of the universe.

We would be brilliant, noble, opulent in our love. We would be artists, sculpting our love for even our children's children to admire. Painting our souls with vibrant strokes, that even our hearts would be lost in admiration. We would tower over the pains of life. For we would be a fortress built from soulful strength and the faith of our love. We would be perfection with every kiss, every smile, every moment we desire.

We would be unimaginable together,

Maybe.....Maybe that is why we are not to be?

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. 

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