Become The Angel You Pray For

Become The Angel You Pray For 
Fly fly fly!

Fly till your wings can hold you no more. And when you fall, fall with grace, fall knowing you will fly again. Rest your wings upon the clouds of faith. Hold dear your heart to your dreams. Glide across the open oceans of your life and catch the waves head on.

Sail bravely against the storms though you may break. And upon breaking, you shall find new ships, new wings, new winds to sail. For nothing new is found in the mundane, in the wreckage of the old. Spark your heart with a kiss for the unexpected, the unknown.

Bleed your soul of the old, of the used and stitch what remains with the grace to lift you. You are the ideal being to create your dreams. To build a solid ship that will turn waves of cruel ruin, into gentle ripples of a puddle .

Split your oceans in two with the mere faith that you have within yourself, and with that which is intangible.

Be the lighting that strikes, but do not strike out of fear. Strike out of courage, out of the purity of hope. Strike the demons that curse your lands and walk with sluggish intent. Grazing upon your crops like disease.

Set free the limits of your sky and let yourself grow pass the dimness of the clouds.

Do not lay with those who live in sloth, do not conspire with those who spit of violent criticism and never speak of themselves. Listen not to the burning lips of the devil that lives in a us all. Open your eyes to the beauty that grows all around you.

The beauty of, flowers, smiles, the painted views that which we cannot touch. Open your eyes to the simple artistry of us all. Our ability to laugh, to bring hope to those who whisper with death. The ability to bring water into our homes. To turn language into music and whisk us away to places beyond our physical wake.

Fly fly fly!

Fly so high the world appears to perch upon the palm of your hands. Fly so high nothing can reach you, you are above the hell of it all. Ignoring the screams of the damned and letting the filth that once swallowed you whole. To be burned by the blazing of the sun, be fresh in the horizon of your soul.

Become the angel that which you have been praying for.

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