Be As Does A Tree

Be As Does A Tree

This is your moment, where you will guide yourself like that of a tree. You will remain still in your beliefs. Holding through all weather though you may feel brittle in the coldness. In the lonesome nights toward your happiness as does the tree in winter. That stands alone among all the rest.

Be gentle in your thoughts as does the tree. Growing steady and never to linger too long at one height. Grow with patience as does the tree, never faltering to what those around it do. Never listening to the faults that the mind gossips to stunt your rise.

Build armor among your soul through all the suffering as does a tree in its growth. Growing from sapling, innocent and silent, to an abundant beauty of awe. But steady does it grow, with vigor even through the harshest of storms. And with each passing day, a new layer of bark is laid. A new ring with each passing year. As reminders of its vicious but glorious past, that has made it what it is today.

A reminder of passing through the hot summers that boil with sun to exhaust all water, life, beneath its soil. As does the mind from within. But like the tree, hold memories of your strength, of your courage, tenacity, and vitality. As does the tree in memory of its growth.

Each branch telling of a new story, each branch giving to breath to those around it. As do you, reaching out to the soul that keeps your heart brimming with life. But also, reaching out to those that move toward placing armor upon themselves.

Those that seek shelter in a storm, those that seek shade in the summer. For mere comfort and wisdom to help them grow through their weather. Be as does the tree, tall, strong, ever wavering to the changing of seasons.

Allow your stillness in suffering, to be the hope for others. Let each leaf upon your soul fall during the cold. Only to grow new ones. New ones to bring new breath, new ideas, new hope, new faith. For no tree remains the same. For if it does, it will surely fall to the nature of itself and those around it.

Be not afraid to break a few branches or for others to break them. For the weight that is lost in this, is freeing. Never cling to the old. Like the tree, it does not fear the changing of weather, nor expanding high past the comfort of the ground.

And like the tree, be open with your arms and work among others well. Teach what you know and learn what you do not. Keep your tongue from the rash and keep your heart from the bitter and frozen.

Grow steady, be still in your beliefs, listen well, teach with patience, and root yourself within.

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