A Blissful Rhyme To Leave You In Control Of Your Mind

A Blissful Rhyme To Leave You In Control Of Your Mind 

Listen to the silence, the cool crisp sounds that scurry through the quiet realm of an idle mind. Listen deep, listen well. Find within, the scattering of thoughts and focus upon that which whispers to you with audacious lips. Listen to whats speaks with strong but graceful tones.

Listen to what lifts the shrouding chaos from the soul. Cut off from the mundane, the plain, the constant badgering of lives everyday things. For you deserve a moment and forever, to keep your mind in place with peaceful grace.

Let yourself slide into bliss, let this take you from the strains of the lame and feel yourself glide like a cloud across the sky. Bury the unwanted scavengers that call out with vicious teeth. Leave them to their own doings and nefarious beliefs. Let them bleed from you like water from earth. 

Find no place for the ill to set sail upon your thoughts in this moment. Calm your seas with a kiss of brilliance. With visions of your dreams, of smiles, smells, and wonders, that drives you to what others confess dawdles on the edge of insane. You are the muse of your heart, of your mind, in this moment, and from this moment on. 

Place no certainty in others or the crossing to the known. For you are beyond the soggy meadows of a sane throne. Let yourself be free from the chains of what others believe or say you should be. Find yourself in the blissful fields of flowers, of roses, daisy's, and all the curiosity that flows in your veins. Sing to all your greatness that dances in the gleaming sun and waltz to the ever gracious summer breeze. 

There is simplicity within, calm the mind with a single thought, a single wish. Envision that wish as if it all that exists. Become that wish and never set it out to sea. Hold it deep, hold it tight, creating every fine detail insight. 

Listen to the ever beating heart within. Your heart that prays to sing among the starry skies once again. As if it were the days you never knew of what suffering had to bring. Be open with your needs that have been left buried in unworthy dreams. In the dwelling of something else that was never meant to be. 

Ride the wild ride of life, carry your fear, your burdens to the highest point you can fly. And when you get high, drop your fears and let them fall till they die. In this moment, this moment and beyond. There will be no more seeking validation in others gruesome scenes. No more waiting to unveil who you must be. 

Bloom from this blissful  mindful rhyme, this momentary and forever time. Find the perfect rhythm, for your heart and soul to combined. 

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