Time Speaks, What Do You Think?

Time I am , tick-tock a never stopping clock.  Hurry hurry there is much to worry. Your eyes may be blurry but life is a flurry, I cannot pause but I put crowds in awes.  I am A figment of imagination a creation of mans examination. I am taxation, salvation, frustration, celebration, complication, expiration, but no one ever speaks of my innovation. I should be sacred, but I am spent as if I cannot be wasted.

Some day your time will be exasperated, learn to invest. So it best to never quit and stop being so stressed. For there is no reason to worry, if others will be impressed. But live to spend me, so you may be blessed. For in the end you will have nothing left, no second, third, or fourth try. But do not cry, for this is everyone's life and I do not lie. Now smile and stay while , I got your perfect style, its ninety-nine and senile. I tick, I tock, I never stop. I'm known as a clock but also a watch. The spinning of hands is always my plan. Be cautious the way you spend, for in the end, I keep it all. I lend it all, I spend it all, and it will cost you more than a hand.

Do you hear the descending of the sands, grain after grain, through the ticking of my command? Best take your plans and Keep them strict. For I do not stop even if tricked. I have no eyes no teeth, I do not breathe. I am the opposite of feeling free. Can't you see, I will always be, whether you believe or act as if you do not need. I guess you could say, I am a little bit of greed.  Am I real or am I not? This I cannot talk, but I am what you got. And honestly it is not a lot.  Oh my! would you look at the time, it is half past three, and yes I have a tongue that always rhymes most my time. But oh dear could it be?! You are going to be late because of me. That meeting, does it not start ten minutes past three? Best hurry to the meeting just beneath the very big tree.

Anxious I make the world. Stressful I make the air, no, I am not fair. But no time to despair, we have This in that, in an hour? no time for that. Everything in chaos but I am perfect. Yet I cause conflict, I tend to restrict. Never stopping always clicking, always running my clock. Always spinning I told you, I never stop. I am Years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, I am everything that slips through your hands. But I am seen as less than diamonds you buy for more than a hundred-grand. You can try to run, to live beyond ninety-five. But no matter how hard you try I will thrive, I am relentless, tedious and boring.But also a blessing.

Ticking ticking I am always slipping.  Many hate but many love, but even less adore the day I last as they ascend above. Many ponder the past as if it will come back, all the while I merely watch in pass. All is left the second I move, but all things are of this lovely past. No present, truthfully no future. Doe's that not hurt your finite mind? Many would say I am a crime, I take and I take, never to give, I am always to blame and none forgive.

I have no manners, no concept of existence. I am either a hindrance, a sentence, patience, or brilliance. I am what many wish to distance.  But I, you must follow, if not, your job you will swallow. But the day may pass that the world disappears in a flash. This I cannot clash, but I will remain ticking way beyond the earths bequest. Waiting for another, with science to test.

Thank you for reading!

(What do you think of time?)

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