There is no finding dreams in the light.

Sometimes dreams are in the dimmest places 
-Dreams Are Nothing- 

He stares far into nothing, 
Looking for something, 
Always searching for that which is missing,
But never finding. 

No matter how far searches, 
How close he gets, 
He finds nothing,
His senses are choking.  

He tastes nothing, 
Feels nothing, 
He smells nothing, not even the budding of flowers, 
But he keeps chasing.

Chasing, Something that cannot be explained, 
Something that gnaws upon his barren existence, 
Something that itches like the scab of flesh
An aching churns his spirit, he swings from a thread of domestic clashing.

He is bursting with imagination,
But Hurting in creation, 
A dreamers dream, but horrors embracing, 

He searches the deepest ends of his heart, 
Still he becomes lost, 
Still he finds the misery of the empty, finding his tongue upon cursing. 

Something calls but he cannot discern its voice, 
He finds shadows of his former self, 
Screaming for love, 
Screaming for something 

Something that burns in desire, 
His eyes tantalized by an internal void,
Weary of the journey,
His mind begins mocking.  

Innocence has been bled bare, 
Murdered in a lake of tears, 
A lake which drowns his soul and leaves him for the foul cradling of suffering. 

Displaying the corpses of his dreams like trophies of murder.   
He fears there will always be nothing, 
He fears that nothing, that nothing may be his life's perpetual meaning.

-Have you ever felt like your dreams are an endless chase into nothing? 

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