The Adventures of The Toughest Kid

The Adventures of The Toughest Kid 

Do not let your imagination go to waste

James is a young boy, no older than 14, he is full of life and full of imagination. He never lets a day go by without an amazing adventure with his friends or even just himself. Adventures with Pirates, Vikings, or even Treasure Hunters. What ever the adventure be, James takes his imagination to the top. Exceeding any limits of the ordinary. He creates the most magnificent adventures anyone could dream. Adventures that can be treasured for years to come and still be as if it were told for the first time. 

Adventures with monster that make the skin tingle with fright, or monsters that make you laugh from their foolish ways. James never leaves a single detail out. His imagination is endless, it's a wild ride that leaves any heart racing. James has never had a day where his imagination went to waste. Ghouls, ghosts, and zombies lurk behind every corner. Warriors with mighty strength stand hidden in the woods. Waiting, waiting to capture and kill monster, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies. 

James is never bored and never without his stories. The woods are his favorite place, dragons lay in the woods. Protecting gold from the most evil of evil kings. A greedy King, a King whom ever he touches becomes a mindless soldier of the King. Void of any soul, James tells of these soldiers to have pale white eyes, eyes so pale, you can see through them. 

Behind these pale eyes are dark clouds that moves as if to be alive. James speaks that these clouds are what controls the soldiers. They are clouds that are connected to the kings mind. And the king wills what ever he wishes upon them. He can will them to kill, to laugh, cry, and steal. The king searches the woods for the treasure the dragon hides. 

A dragon that is hued in rich red scales and blue ocean eyes. It has teeth the size of small boys and spits a raging fire. Burning any and all things that stand in the way of its flame. Not even diamonds have the strength to withstand the vigor of the flames. 

But not only does the King search for this gold, but also, the Vikings, and Pirates. Vikings that fight with madness, that seem to care for no soul, as if they do not have one of their own. They fight with axes, hammers, and swords. Great drums follow them in the mist of the woods. And spirits of death float among them like flies. They are no friend of the king and nor are they friends of the cursed Pirates. 

And the Pirates, James speaks of the Pirates as murderous hunters of gold. Leaving no soul alive among their search. Pillaging innocent villages and burning homes of those they do no know. They smell of spoiled flesh and their teeth are stained of black decaying rot, some made of wood. Their ships wide with tattered banners of skulls and sails worn from much travel. Hundreds gather on many ships singing tales of the dead. Drinking rum till their livers cease to live. Poor souls are strapped to their ships like trophies, skulls are lined among the head of the ship like armor.  

All these search for treasure and all must fight James. For James is the Warrior, the Treasure Hunter. He is a mighty warrior with bravery that transcends the toughest of the Vikings. He follows no other but himself. He seeks justice against those who do harm to the innocent. He fights among the shadows and strikes in the light. There is nothing he will not fight. He has powers beyond the imagination, even those of Pirate curses. 

His sword can pierce all things of earth. His strength is the ability pull a tree from earth and throw it like a fistful of dirt. And today is the day James must face all those in search of the treasure, from the Dragon to King. He must stop those that kill only for greed, for pleasure. 

James stands between the two tallest trees in the woods. And in the distance is the thunderous echo of drums. And among the drums is a chilling chorus of Pirates and to the far side of the drums and the chilling chorus, walks the soldiers of the King. Silent, mindlessly following the calls of the king. 

The vikings appear from the misted woods, the pirates spring from the shadows, and the soldiers rise from the brush. All stand with wicked eyes against James. Suddenly, the trees begin to sway. A heavy rushing of wind presses to the earth. James looks up and their is the dragon with its blue eyes piercing upon James with the wish of death. Smoke trails from the bearing of its teeth. It lands with force, causing much of the earth beneath it to sink. 

But James does not move, he stands ready to fight, pulling his sword from its sheath. He places his feet in a fighters stance. The Dragon releases a raging roar, giving morale to the Vikings, Pirates, and the dead soldiers. James yells back, leaps into the air and thrusts his sword down upon the dragon, splitting the dragons head in two. The vikings yell and charge, James swings his blades, releasing a bolt of lighting. The lighting strikes each Viking, they fall, they now lay dead with charred flesh. The Pirates pull their swords and pistols from their sides and charge. James raises his hand to the sky and calls upon nature. Suddenly the earth splits and the Pirates fall. 

The king sees through the eyes of his soldiers and sees what happened. Suddenly the soldiers grow three times their size. Veins press from their skin like rope beneath taught sheets. Their eyes become as dark as the night. Their teeth sharpen like knives. They charge, James does not move. He looks down at the earth as they charge and James sees the neck of a glass bottle peering from the ground. He pulls it from the earth and breaths a steady breath into the body of the bottle. He turns the opening of the bottle to the charging soldiers. Suddenly the glass bottle begins to shine like a light. The soldiers begin to shrink dramatically in size and are inhaled into the belly of the bottle. 

Now the soldiers stand no taller than a grain of sand. James caps the bottle bark and tosses the bottle into the air. It lands in the ocean and sinks. James now stands silent with a rapidly rising chest. He begins to feel weak but sees what he has done, he sees the strength he has shown. He see's the evil he has stopped and smiles. James is victorious against all. Suddenly the body of the dragon turns to treasures of all kinds. 

James sees the treasure and a tear falls from his face. He catches the tear and tosses upon the treasure. The treasure disappears and is dispersed magically among those who need it the most and bare the character to use it with health. And out of the joy of giving to others, a calm and loving voice rings out in his ear. 


James opens his eyes and there stands his mother at his bed side. Her eyes filled with tears as she looks at James. Sad to the sickness that consumes him more with each passin day. His skin pale, his eyes sunk, his hair gone, but his smile, his smile as wide as ever as his mom cries. 

Suddenly James feels a strange tingle accompany his body. He looks up at his mom, smiles and says, "Not a day went by where I was bored and not a day went by I that I didn't love you mom, you gave me all I needed, you are my mom and you are the reason I love life the way I love you."

And that this is the last day James ever used his imagination. 

Whats your fondest memory of imagination?!

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