Love Is A Funny Thing

Our lips locked as the sun began to set. The air was warm against our skin as leaves were blown through the unseen winds. The stars scattered above us, sparkled with approval of our moment. Even the trees danced with the wind as our passion for each other clung to our hearts.

I could feel every motion in my body sync with hers. Even our hearts played the perfect melody as our tongues twisted with taste for one another. Her body followed mine with each release of our lips. Our breaths, our moans were the conductor of our spirits. 

Placing my hands on her cheeks I laced my fingers through her hair and pulled her from my lips. I looked at her with mesmerized eyes, she looked back with a smile so beautiful. It was like symphony of emotions playing in my heart. Paradise is what this moment was, life was truly in this, this moment was truly breath taking. 

Nothing could be said about this moment, not even the view of the mountains colliding with stars and moon could compare. 

From the moment we locked eyes, I could have sworn I saw my soul soar in the reflection of her eyes. In this moment, I knew, I knew I had just given her my all. 

With her green eyes held between the palms of my hands I looked at her with pure love. Her hair followed the wind perfectly, her lips licked from her tongue shined with perfection, the moonlight gave them a diamonds reflection. 

I want this moment forever, till the day I die. This is what I want our whole life based off of, this moment. This moment of passion in love surrounded by nothing but beauty of nature that holds no comparison to her. No comparison to her emerald eyes, her rich black hair, her olive skin, and her vigorous personality. 

She held all the keys to my body, from my eyes to my soul. 
My hands fell released from her cheeks. She followed them with her hands and her eyes. I placed them on her knees and pressed myself up. I looked down at her with such affection, my heart skipped. Her eyes were casting the moon ever so gently. 

Nature somehow became calm and silent like an audience to the start of a play. I reached out with one hand and placed it out with a gentleman's stance. She place her hand in mine and I raised her from the ground. I watched her stand with such elegance I thought to myself, how does such a man like me hold the heart of something so perfect?

I smiled at her and told her I loved her. She looked at me pulled herself into my chest. She smiled and kissed me like death was holding our hearts. My pulse raced with excitement as we exchanged our love once more. 

I then took a small step back. She looked at me with slight confusion as I did this. But I remained with a smile to let her know all is alright. Her hand was still in mine. 

Like a secret I whispered her name. Her eyes grew with affection from my tone. I took one more small step back keeping her hand in mine and bent to a knee. As I did so, I could feel my heart pick up anxiously against my excitement.

I looked up at her with eyes of helpless man in love. She looked at me with eyes of woman in love. The moon began to swell in her eyes and a small ocean began to appear below them. I took in a heavy breath while I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small black box. 

She quickly raised her hands to her lips and gasped. I opened the box and raised it up. The stars and the moon made clear what lay in the palm of my nervous hands. An elegant and fine diamond ring lay sparkling with desire to rest upon my loves finger. 

While the diamond shinned, her eyes gave way to loves only expression for pure love, tears. I opened my lips and this is what I said…” Caela, you have always been the light to my shadows. The wind to my wings and the roar of my heart. You have always been there during the worst of my times even when I don't have the best intentions for you. You always forgive me and that I cannot thank you enough for. I have lived most of my life alone and in search for something great, for something that would stop me in my tracks and give me the answers to everything. And here I kneel before you like a king to his queen, and I ask you, Caela, will you take my heart for ever and allow me to protect yours along the way and give me the chance to be the happiest man in the world, and do my best to make you the happiest woman in the world and become my gorgeous wife?!”

The world fell silent with anticipation as I held steady on one knee displaying my love through my words. What felt like an eternity only lasted a few seconds. Her eyes fell with tears, her lips quivered with words lost in her throat. She shook slightly as I continued to look up and wait for her answer. 
Suddenly something swooped in and knocked the ring from my hand. I watched the ring get tossed into the trees just beside us. We both jumped with some fright and I quickly moved to go find the ring. But Caela reached her hand out and grabbed me by the arm. I stopped, turned to her, and she looked at me and smiled and said…..”Yes, Yes I will marry you!” 

We instantly pulled each other in and found ourselves lost once again in our journey of love. 

“And that my kids, is how I proposed to you mom!”

(What is your favorite love story?) 

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