An Orphan Girl Who Found Her Soul

An Orphan Girl Who Found Her Soul 

Sarah is but a newly adopted orphan.  Her parents had died in a car accident  when she was eight. She is sweet, beautiful, strong, but shy. Her hair golden, her eyes silky brown. Three years she was alone bouncing from one orphanage to the next. Being chosen from one foster family to the next, only to be let go because she did not listen well.

Many families who took her in, found her lack of listening to be bothersome. Many of the foster parents found her lack of listening to be a possible mental deficiency, immediately wishing return. As if she is a defective product and needs to be tossed out. Strangely, she never cries, she has not cried since her parents died. 

She is the kind of girl who would rather sit alone and stare out a window and dream of far of places. Rain is her favorite, there is something about the rhythm and sound of rain that catches her. Her new foster parents see how she enjoys staring into the world. They can see her small little brown eyes light up whenever she stares out the window from her room. 

Many times her foster parents catch her awake at night staring at the stars and moon. They quickly put her back to bed but she never says a word. After being put to bed she waits intently for her foster parents to go to sleep. Then she gets up, sits at the window and stare out into the wondrous world. Something about the dazzling beauty of nature grabs her, pulls at her imagination like the plying of dough. Her mind shifts and shapes to whatever she wishes. 

But something is missing, she can feel something inside her that will never grow silent. A small sound that resonates beneath her tender heart. Like a whisper to a sleeping ear. Her foster parents notice that though she doesn't speak, she observes the world around her intently. Observing people, noises, and the smallest details in nature. 

Her foster parents are kind, for they both were raised apart from their biological parents. 

One day, while walking with her foster parents they passed a music store. In the window stands a magnificently ivory black concert piano. Its keys perfectly aligned side by side. Its body elegantly shaped, it almost feels as it were alive. And Sarah, Sarah cannot keep her eyes off it. 

As they pass her foster parents are suddenly jolted by the frozen stance of Sarah. They stop look back and see Sarah standing frozen like a statue. Her head almost turned hundred and eighty degrees. Eyes fixated upon the piano, a look most children only give when they see candy. But Sarah, she is not like other children. 

Her foster parents see what she was looking at with such magical filled eyes. They take her inside the music shop and sit her at the piano. She looks back up at her foster parents with slight concern, they encourage her to play. So Sarah slowly raises a finger to the piano and gently presses down one of the keys. 

Instantly her heart jolts with an indescribable feeling. The sound of a single key stroke feels like heaven is embracing her. She feels warm, engulfed in the wings of a musical angel. The sound of the piano has awoken her soul with life, with magic. A great smile stretches across her face as she looks back at her foster parents. She immediately steps down from the piano and hugs her foster parents. 

They instantly feel the love swell between them. The father calls up a friend to have Sarah set up for piano lessons. The very next day, the mother dropped her off at the piano teachers building. The teacher stands outside the entrance as Sarah arrives. Sarah can't help but smile with excitement. The second the car stops she opens the door and leaps from the car. Rushing up to the piano teacher. 

The mother frantic for moment, smiles, laughs and waves to the teacher and drives off. The teacher gently takes Sarah's hand and guides her inside. And inside is endless instruments of all kinds, Sarah cannot believe her eyes. It seems as if a smile is permanently pasted to her face. Her eye glistens as she wanders with her eyes. The teacher takes her to the piano room. 

In the piano room stands a piano just like the one at the store, but it is much older. Sarah runs up the piano with no hesitation and quickly presses one of the keys. Again it fills her with heavenly magic. The sound of this piano brings a deeper resounding feel than the other. Sarah is ecstatic with moment. The teacher smiles and sits next to her. He starts to give instructions, but the teacher was warned about her listening skills so he ready for a challenge. 

But Sarah gives no resistance to the teachers instructions. She pays attention to every step, every detail, every moment. Two hours go by without warning, her foster mother arrives. She parks the car and walks inside. Once she steps in she can her the sounds of the piano. Nothing amazing, but it has a beautiful simplicity to it. The foster mothers heart fills with joy as the thought of seeing her daughter play the piano overwhelms her. 

She opens the door to the piano room and there is Sarah, eyes to piano, fingers gliding across the keys and her ears listening to the teacher. The mother is lost in words, she cannot believe what she is seeing. Its a most beautifully enchanting moment. A tear escapes the foster mothers eye. The mother wishes not to the end session, but another student is waiting outside. 

The mother tells Sarah they must go. Sarah, with her fingers grazing the piano, looks over at her foster mother, still with a smile and eyes wide with exhilaration. 

"Okay mom."

The mother, caught off guard from the voice of Sarah, she is completely frozen in what she just heard. Six months and not a single word from Sarah and suddenly she talks. The mother looks at Sarah, her eyes watering, she kneels down and extends her arms to Sarah. Sarah comes running up to her foster mom and hugs her. 

"I love you Sarah"

Sarah holding tightly onto her mom, "I love you too." 

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