A Letter For My Future Family

Dear Future family,

I do not know who you will be or how we will meet. But what I do know, is that I will meet you. That I will care for you with the deepest conviction. I know the struggles of life and I know the hardship that can come with love and family. I know that nothing will be perfect but, in my eyes you will be. You will be the perfect example of what life can bring of what life should be. Life filled with those you love and moments of grace never wasted. Life filled with the laughter of joy and tears of happiness as we watch times change and us grow. You will be my everything and my anything. You will be the reason I rise in the morning and smile, the reason I push myself past my limits to better improve our lives and myself. To give us the freedom to be a family twenty-four-seven. Not just a family on the weekends when we have days off from school, work, business, or whatever it may be. We will be each others enhancements of ourselves, we will be the light that shines when all we see is darkness. And I, I will do everything I can to make sure we live happily and openly with our hearts. I will leave nothing undisclosed between us, our struggles will be shared. Shared to help each other, shared to strengthen each other, shared to love each other that much more. I will listen each of you. I will listen with compassion and discipline, I will listen to the simple things you find enjoyable, to the tough days you will have dealt with. I will not to allow the small problems to become big problems. I will freely communicate my heart, my desires, my struggles. To keep us open and intact at all times. Yes, we may hit a rough patch, but all things need tending. There is nothing that will keep me from putting a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. We will have late nights with movies, days filled with laughter, days filled with talk of our most memorable moments. Days where we will cry, either it be from mistakes, loss, or happiness, what ever it may be, we will remain a family. I will always keep you in my heart, even when I am buried beneath life and my passion. You will never be second in my life, all decisions I make will never be without your thought, without your sentiment. We are more than just individuals, we are a family, a bond that can never be broken and should always be growing. With each passing day I will make sure we do not go without knowing the love we have for each other. I will learn the small things that make you happy, I will learn the things you like and those things you have distaste for. From your favorite color to the dislike of red skittles. 

There is nothing that will keep us broken, angry, or filled with resentment. All things that come at us, will pass. We will be strong in mind and strong in soul. We will find adventure in challenge and faith in the darkness. We will speak of times that almost broke us, only to speak of how we surpassed it like flames built in the cold. Like the seasons of earth, we will have seasons in our time together. But no bad times shall permanent. And we will make the good times thrive beyond the bad. We will understand our mistakes and grow from them. We will plant seeds of hope and watch them flourish as we venture through life. Watching our family become our living paradise. And I will place a kiss upon my family that will shelter us from the harms of the damned. From the lies the world speaks. But we will not be a weak family nor a harsh family. We will be a lasting, durable , and loving family. Like the trees in the coldest winter and the sharpest winds, we will not fall. We will stand tall and gain strength from the bitter days. 

My future family, who ever you are, where ever you are, we will be blessed and I shall infinitely  be grateful for

Your future husband and father. 


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