A Returning Love

A Returning Love

The aroma of tea tickles the air as I wake with the embrace of a morning sun. Stepping out of my bed tossing my sheets from their grasp. I make my way to the view from my window. The soft touch of snow had settled upon the grounds in the silent wisp of the night. 

 It's a spectacle to behold. A pleasure for the eye as the dim barren ground beneath it is no more. But I can't help but think of him. I can't help but remember his virile touch. How it gives me such comfort, such protection. His smile of ivory and his scent that raises me with elation.

 Our time spent apart has been difficult but, he is living his dream, his sought after passion and how dare I ever be one to wish him to fray from it. All for the sake of my own need of him. We are both creatures that have clung to our dreams with great vigor.

 Neither has left the side of our hearts and we are each formidable in our arenas. We shall never back down though many nights are cold, alone. Many days are spent fighting the exhaustive thought of surrender as hordes of doubt flow from the mist of our minds.

 But with each other, we are unstoppable. We are each a pillar for the other. Holding high the burdens we both bare. Each an ax to sever the misery from the other and lips to whisper mending truths, words of trust and restoration.

 We are each other and we are ourselves. We neither trove either in emotional greed but neither abandon the other in need. We have balanced ourselves through the dedication of acceptance. And the founding of common ground, creating equal agreements as we dive deeper into the other.

 Always finding new dragons, new beasts to slay. Finding new avenues that open the wind of exploration. We have formed ourselves to be boundless in the other. Though we are not without our faults and not without our disagreements, our night spent upon separate rooms.

 We are human after all.

 "Leah...Leah...your tea is ready." calls out my mother.

  Keeping my eyes to the delicate wonder of the pearl sleet I reply, "Okay mother, I'll be down in just a minute." My breath settles upon the frosted window dissipating like fog to a rising sun.

 I turn away from the window making my way to the bathroom. I go about my usual hygiene and dress myself appropriately for the brisk day. Comfortably hugged in a heavy knitted sweater with the usual jeans and hiding beneath are some cuddle worthy thermals.

  Standing in my room I extend my arms in a stretch as a welcomed yawn escapes me. I check myself in my mirror to make sure I am not some hodgepodge looking girl. I mean, you can't go out looking like you rolled out of your hamper.

 After a quick detailed examination I do one last slight adjustment to my hair and paint my lips with a shadowed purple. I then turn from my mirror with gentle smile and make my way down stairs. The sweet aroma of tea still tickles the air.

 Such mornings as this warm my heart with such a graceful and cozy feel. They make me feel like a child again. As I approach the final step from my descent, my mother peers from the corner of the wall from the kitchen.

 "Hi darling, would you like anything to eat?" she smiles as a spatula peers beneath her chin.

 I look to her as my feet descend upon the hardwood floor sending a cool pinch through my body. "Yes, I would mother, thank you!"

 Making way to the kitchen I pet our cat Amnythist, her tail curls around my hand as I edge to the end of her body. After petting the cat I walk to mother as she begins to cook and gently place a kiss upon her cheek and say, "I love you."

 My mother replies with an endearing smile, "I love you too!..so what are your plans for today? Isn't Ryan supposed to be home anytime this week?"

 Ryan, my husband.

 I plant myself on the other side of the kitchen counter on a stool facing my mother. Observing her as she cooks, "Yes, but unfortunately they have had a delay on the flight back because of the snow so he will not be arriving till tomorrow night." My eyes fall with a dash of gloom as my heart fills with a morsel of emptiness.

 My mother, stirring a bowl of batter, "Well, that is really too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing him back today. Guess we will have to save the mimosas for tomorrow night then."

 I look up at my mother, I respond with a sarcastic voice "You bought stuff for mimosas?! You didn't have to do that. I was just planning on crying and falling into his arms just like his last return from deployment."

 Mother and me giggle at my joke. Mother then stops stirring the batter and reaches over to the kettle that is simmering on the stove and pours me a glass of tea. She leans over the counter and hands it to me. "Thank you!"

 I clasp the warm glass of tea in my hands and savor its aroma as I close my eyes with delight. Images of camp fires and laughter echo through my mind. Tea always seems to remind of summer time, not sure why.

 I take my first sip carefully as to test the heat. It is just right, I take a large sip and enjoy its warm body as it dives into my stomach. After the first sip I place the glass down. As I do my mother pours pancake batter onto a skillet.

 I bring myself into a state of memory as I dawn my eyes upon the cooking batter. I watch as the small bubbles pop and I begin to think about my husband and the great joy it'll bring me. Such jubilation will enthrall my senses, there is no hope but to cry.

 I can feel a smile stringing across my face. I think to myself, "It's been another three months without him. Another three months and he was only home for four months. It'll be nice when we both can settle down forever."

 Swimming through my thoughts I take another sip of tea. And as I return the glass back to the counter I hear the clacking of a plate upon the counter and the sweet scent of a freshly cooked pancake with syrup coated upon it.

 Looking down, there it is. Its light golden complexion just waiting to be devoured. My stomach growls a bit. Mother places a fork and a napkin in front of me. "Here you go dear."

 I grab the fork and begin to eat. The only noise being created right now is my mother cooking and the sound of my wondered enjoyment of her cooking. With my mouth half full, "This soooo good!"

 Mother turns around with a smile, "I am glad you like it honey. Anything else you want?"

 Looking up from my pancake, "No....I think I am good, thank you though. I am just going to sit here and enjoy this."

 Mother turns back and shuts off the stove and goes to the fridge. She pulls out the champagne, some orange juice and sets them on the counter and pulls out three glasses from the cabinet just to the right of the fridge.

I am somewhat confused as that is for the celebration of Ryan's return. "What are you doing mother? I thought you were saving that for Ryan's return?"

 I finish off the pancake and drink some of my tea.

 Mother, standing across from me with the mimosa ingredients, "Well, I know, but seeing as it is your birthday tomorrow and with Ryan returning we probably won't see you guys tomorrow since your dad in I will probably be in bed before he returns. I figure, why not celebrate a little early for your birthday, treat ourselves to mimosa." She smiles and pops the cork off the champagne.

 The champagne fizzes and she begins to pour it into each glass accompanied by the orange juice.
 Before she pours it into the third glass I ask, "What are you doing? There is only two of us? Is dad here?"

 Mother tops off all three glasses and garnishes them each with twisted rind of an orange. "No, figured Ryan might want one as well. "

 Looking to my mom greatly confused, "But Ryan's not back till tomorrow."

 The sun starts to penetrate into the kitchen, glazing the dark haze of the hardwood with a gentle kiss of amber. It reaches onto the counter slowly stopping just at my right hand as it sits on the cool counter.

 I look at my mom as the sun warms my hand and as it does I feel something lightly land upon it. I look over and there upon my hand is another hand. A hand I recognize all to well. I turn toward it and there behind me is Ryan.

 His dark hair, blue eyes and ivory smile splash over me. I am instantly over come with joy. My heart flutters about wildly like a child to their first crush. I throw my arms around the back of his neck while throwing my legs around his waist.

 Not a word is said, only tears of happiness and the entwining of our lips. And what feels like a life time away has turned into no time at all. We embrace each other for several minutes before we let go and enjoy the company of each other with freshly curated mimosas.
Who do you miss that you can't wait to see return? 

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