Step Out!

Out from the gloom,
The obscure breath of doubt
Take stone, break thy yoke,
Let trouble fall, let shoulders be lifted,
Flow, to the heavens
Be but strain no more,
Open wide, thy mouth,
Let prayer fill thy tongue
Be parched no more.
Stillness in heart 
Though seas roar like lions,
And beast snarl among mist,

To mercy of life,
Ease, be reborn.
Let no shackle of past
Be meaning for tear
Take hammer, 
Fracture the cumbersome
Be feet of swift
Fill your days with strides,
Though dunes widen
And heat scorches thy soles.

Step out from thy fear,
There is another to call
To breach,
To reach your heart 
Though thee be of man,
Let not thy eyes of flesh
Be the dealings of truth,
In aspect to be whole
Be not the coward hidden in cave,
A creature curled 
Like frightened doe,

For he walks beside thee,
Like king among his men,
A sword of greatness
Sways from his belt,
To swing against thy enemies,
A presence more bold 
Than all the stars of a pitch sky.
Be not a reliance of worries
Upon thy mind,
Be not a follower of man,
For he deals in bone,
Not spirit,
Do not walk in the dim
And bear courage by self
For single blade can be an end,
But soul can sway,
Heavens can persuade,

Come out,
From the parade of man,
Sing no more of sorrows
Led by lips of blame,
Let the heavenly be thy balm,
Tremble not,
Though thou walk far from the flame,
He shall be among you in darkness.
Be still, listen, there is a voice 
A voice of grace to be had.

Step out!
From thy misery. 


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