Hard Work Lost

Hard Work Lost 

  How easy it is, to lose it all. To have your hard work stricken from existence with a simple press of a button. Oh, how I sometimes miss those days of the typewriter, of ink and pen. But those days have sadly gone and went.

 We are now digital, where everything is permanent, yet not. All could be lost by the massive inception of a virus. Corrupting every picture, every word, every video you ever took, written, or saw. Anything and everything up in smoke. Or rather ripped apart into ones and zeros.

  But we must not become fools to our wretched existence that is often held with beauty. We must not let the fallback's, the tribulations of disaster be our guide for emotion. Rather, look at these deletions, these corruptions of work, these ashes of hard work.

  As a lesson to be more careful, a lesson to grow more patient. Learn to persevere when others fall to disaster. We are not perfect and no matter how diligent you work to become, there will always be fatal flaws.

  Things you forget, things you slip up on. Maybe you wrote a report an somehow deleted it, much like I have twice now with my blog posts. But it is part of the deal and sometimes, we will lose some of our best work.

  But unlike computers, our bodies run without the help of coding. We can recreate as much as we want. Often what we lose, we eventually make up with something better. We find an idea that was driven by the mistakes we made and build something monumental for the world or, maybe just for ourselves.

  We are always at the hand of death, so do not let those unforgiving moments of the unexpected become your reality. We are only a sliver of what is possible in our short existence and so we want to put forth the best of ourselves.

 Reconstruct when things fall apart. Redesign when things seem helpless. Re-write till your fingers grow tired and your eyes lose focus and your brain melts. Let yourself become determined to outlast, out do, and out conquer the unsettling trip ups we make as humans.

  We are delicate, yet powerful, as quickly as one can delete hours of work, one can cease to live. Learn from the wounds, the stresses, the angst, the love, the pain, and the viruses. Learn and be open with yourself. For often the anger we build upon from a mishap, is often anger from an underlining issue.

  Be still, breathe in, let your heart settle and your mind build a solution.
When have you lost an honest days of work and not let it stop you? 

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