A Fairy-tale Lasting

A Fairy-tale Lasting

  Her lips upon mine, our sultry passion leading me to the catacombs of bliss. Falling through the tendrils of this moment envelops my once shivering bones in a clothed warmth. Heating my core like coals beneath timber. 

  My soul flourishing to the wild crisp embrace of our skin. Our bodies entwined in a succulence of love. A raging affection seeps from our ribs like the sun dripping from the moon. We collide with such fervor that the stars become jealous. 

 Their white bodies boil in tones of crimson. The planets weep as they are left desolate to the blankness of space. They are cold, frigid, to the empty void as we align ourselves with such devotion. 

  We beam with brightness upon the darkest of tombs in the graves of our hearts. Our once dry grooves of existence now flood with phenomenal brilliance. We bloom like wild flowers at upom highest peak breaching through the haze of clouds. 

  Our fingers lacing like vines, our hearts bursting like fruits crushed beneath our jaws. We ooze with desire, the fondness to make our affection last. To string ourselves from constellation to constellation. Till we are weaved through each galaxy like veins through our flesh. 

  I collapse beneath her with vulnerability as I present her my soul. Grasping her with firmness between my hands. Her cheeks warm, budding with the glow of a rose. Her breath whisking upon my neck as if summer be her lungs. 

As she delights in the masculinity of my grip as I relish her gentle and romantic wonder. Tuning our hearts, our bodies to our obsessive intensity. 

  Our eyes glaze in a radiance of love. The moon voyeurs through our open chambers but we are shamed not of our connection. Our devotion of our hearts, we are companions, lovers of the forever. A fairy tale come true. 

  Our pages are written from the blood of our love. Our hearts will race with emotion of our love till we are but brittle bones decaying to the soils of earth. Even then we shall lay side by side in silence as our story rests in the etching our stones. 

 Let us never grow tired of our presence. Let us venture to wild places beyond our home. Let us be the reflection of what many seek. Let lust never be our want, but change be our path. Let us not speak only of our bodies but of the deeper. 

 The soul, the mind, the intelligence of both. Let us fall, to the ever deepening of our love.
What passion have you given love? 

How far one will go is based upon the listening of the heart,  A Man's Traveled Heart
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