Sammy and the Tear

Sammy and the Tear

  Have you heard the story of the girl who made her own world? If not, I suggest you lay back and let your heart and eyes take to the journey.

  Sammy, only eight years old grew up in a home far from the rest of the world. A place pinched between two massive mountains. Mountains so high no one has ever seen the top of them. Even on clear days the highest points vanish to the sky.

  Growing up, it was only her father and mother. Both whom loved her very very much. But as Sammy grew in age, she found herself to be lonely. She could not explain this concept nor understand the feeling that rested at the bottom of her heart.

  But she knew something was amiss in her heart. Reaching age five she had amassed hundreds of imaginary friends. But as time progressed in the world changed in her mind, the imaginary did not suffice as well as it did a few years before.

  Sammy had asked her parents numerous times if she could have a brother or sister, but unfortunately her mother could bare no more children. For her mother had been cursed by gods for disobeying their command. She was told never to marry a man of earth and if she did, she would be cursed for life.

  But her mother, the rebellious daughter she was to the gods, she found her husband upon her twentieth year on earth. She fell in love with a blacksmith. The smith of the earthly gods and he too fell in love with her.

  They married after three years and birthed a child on their fourth. She hid herself and her family from the gods for as long as she could. But on Sammy's third birthday they found her, married to a man of earth and saw she had a child.

  The gods grew in anger but could not bear the heart to kill the child nor husband in fear of causing their daughter lasting and lonely misery. So they cursed her with shriveled ovaries at the ripe age of twenty six.

  The gods told her not of what they cursed her with. So for five years until Sammy turned eight, they tried to birth another child. But there was no hope, and on Sammy's eight birthday upon blowing out her candles she smiled greatly and said in a whisper, "I wish for a baby brother."

  That night Sammy's mother wept as her husband worked. She had heard the quiet wish of her daughter. In her anguish she yelled to the gods to answer her and so they did. From a tear on her face that fell upon her left palm, a vision of the gods was received. From it was the perspective of her father the day he cursed her.

  She saw herself alone, cooking a meal for her family while from above her father with furious eyes and resentful lips said, "For your disobedience my dear, my beloved daughter of earth, you shall bear no more children for neither your mother nor I can bring heart to kill your love nor the daughter that looks so much of your own mother. So be it, that you shall remember your disobedience for your everlasting life and be not a fool ever again"

  Hearing her father speak such contempt to her, she wept even more. Till the floors were flooded that she had to remove Sammy from her bed and bring her outside under the stars. Sammy, being the heavy sleeper never woke during the grief of her mother. The next morning Sammy woke with a smile and a hungry stomach for pancakes.

  She feasted wildly upon the pancakes as her mother laughed at the sight of Sammy's hunger. There was always much joy between Sammy and her. During breakfast Sammy saw something sparkle on the ground. Something that looked to be a jewel.

  She stopped eating and carefully picked it up and examined it quickly before placing it in her pocket. Her mother cleaned up the table and kitchen as her husband arrived back home from work. Sammy hugged her father then ran outside to have an adventure.

  That morning, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the breath of winter was just settling in. Sammy ran out to the furthest point she could, between two massive evergreens that stood as if guardians of something magical.

  Sammy never understood why they lived so far from everything. Her mother said it was because it is not healthy living in close proximity of others, it is a sure way to illness. Sammy rested against one of the trees and pulled out the small jewel like item.

  She held it up to hear eye as she grasped it with her tiny eager fingers. She let her mind drift with imagination as to what it was. She then stood and walked backward away from the trees as she held up the jewel, as she did, she noticed it was shaped much like a tear.

  Seeing its shape more clearly, she pressed it to her cheek, as if it were a tear falling from her eye. As she did, she was overcome with a vision. A vision of magical oddities. A vision swarming with beautiful trees, vast valleys spattered with vivid colors and animals that sang.

  She saw it all from the view of the sky and at her feet were clouds. And just as the magic was enveloping the very air she breathed. She plucked the jewel from her cheek. She fell to the ground dropping the tear but quickly found it as she had to catch her breath.

But in her need to satisfies her curiosity, she gently placed the tear back upon her cheek. And again, a world of unimaginable spectacle rose before her like dream. But this time it was different. She was able to walk in the vision, to feel and smell her surroundings.

  She stood upon a billowing cloud and looking down from the cloud she could see a world unlike hers. A world not mad of seclusion, a world of laughter, a world chaos and order. A world where reality seemed to be real. From the observation of her cloud she felt the urge to step off. She thought to herself, if she can stand on a cloud, surely she can do more. Possibly, fly, possibly fall with gently ease like a feather in the wind.

So with little fright and the want for adventure she stepped off. Her eyes were closed as she did stepped. She kept them closed for only a few moments. She thought for sure she would feel the rush of air passing over her.

And so she slowly opened her eyes.

  With her eyes opened she looked forward and saw herself floating. At first she was confused, yet astonished that she did not fall. Looking around she heard the fluttering of wings and looking behind her. There, from her back sprouted large white feathery wings. Wings she had seen in dreams. And with little difficult she took control. She started to fly about as she felt a sense of familiarity. Almost nostalgic, fluttering about and observing the world below and things that surrounded her, she started to see things she recognized.

  After what felt like hours she concluded this must only be a dream. Something designed in her mind. She found it was her imagination that had come to life. How or why, she did not know nor did she care. She did not tell her mother or father for many months. In fear they would fear for her safety for she was never allowed to leave the acreage of their home.

  As months went by she built a world of fascinating thoughts. She created friends she could actually talk to and feel. She created foods, lands, rivers, and other wonders a child could think of. But what she didn't know, was this was the tear of hear mother.

  And as she used it, it slowly drained her mothers heart. As the months went by her mother grew ill. They could not figure out why and for months the doctor gave her medicine but nothing worked. Not even the doctors of the demi-gods of earth could heal her.

  Upon her last breath, Sammy and her father stood by her and held her. Sammy wept as her father did his best to stay strong. As her mother fought to keep her eyes open as death was taking her. And as Sammy watched her mother slowly fade. She presented the tear to her and with much grief and a greatly bereaved heart placing the tear in her mothers hand she said, "May this pay for your way across the river."

  Her mother smiled and at first did not recognize what it was. But in the last few moments she placed it upon her heart and said, "Never let your imagination die my darling and never let others hold you back from you or the desires of your heart."

  He mother died but the tear remained. And from this day on, Sammy visits her world, but not just to see her imagination come to life, but to see her mother. And never has her mother told her the truth.
What would be your reaction if you were the mother in this situation?

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