A Desert Wanderer

A Desert Wanderer 

This desert, a paradise of the lost. A visual spectacle, a mind bending stage for the brilliant, the madness of the mind. Wandering with aimless hope as the chest dries of breath and lips crust with desert wind.

  How strange this place be. A bland wonder of the earth where few live. Eyes looking onward to the dusting horizon as the sun sinks behind mounds of turbulent sand. Looking, with wild eyes as creatures of familiarity parade toward this frail conception of life. Yet they be foreign, exotic though they be of the familiar, I swear. Yet awkward form falls from them.

  Long legs, like a spider, but only four. A snout to smell and large extended ears to hear. Protecting the canals from the storms of the desert. So high, with tusks that curve with polished ivory. Skin of leather hide with prickles of hair, like nettles.

  But their legs, how odd, how wondrous, a magic trick maybe.....of the mind. For they never end, but only begin. A mirage perhaps, for they are colossus and such things should not be seen as such. Tongue aching for hydration.

  Lathered teeth of filth, a grim build from the lost wandering of my bones. The moon, crests like a clipped nail, as it beams with elegance. But the creatures, be them creatures? Or strange lies of the mind, watching as they pass.?

  Grumbling beneath their mouths like beasts of hell. But their eyes, though dark beads, like that of a snake. They gleam with kindness. A soft touch of hope glimmering in sincerity of life. Down, they look upon these grizzled feet, torn from the rough grains of sand.

  They weep little for me, for I think they speak of my lack of deserving. For I have sprung from a life to be lost. To wander a desert with frivolous steps. Dry, is the chest, the heart pumps with sluggish intent.

For the barring desert has found way beneath the ribs and rots this corpse of its best.
Describe what you feel, what thoughts fell from you as you read this? 
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