Stop Chasing That Rabbit!

 Stop Chasing That Rabbit! 

When the rabbit gets away and you are now lost. Spinning in circles without any knowledge of where it could be. When the rabbit is just out of grasp and you feel the success of capture at your fingertips but it eludes you.

 When everything feels to be in place, but the next day all is lost once again. And you forgot to call that one person for that one thing. Now you are scrambling to fix the situation. You're looking for what went wrong, why did you forget?

 Then, you see that rabbit run by. You try again, to capture it, but again, it escapes your attempt to catch it. Again you are lost in a twirl of failure or a light touch of exhaustion, allowing it to roam free.

 All through life, you are running around trying to keep the rabbit in the cage. To keep things in line and even the most repetitious things at one point slip your mind. Maybe you are overwhelmed maybe, you are doing so well things you thought were important slip by.

 Finding that which has slipped by maybe, is not what you want. Maybe you don't really find it necessary to do that one thing you said you would do? Because you found something else that intrigues your heart. Something that will amplify your life even more.

 Maybe that rabbit that keeps eluding your every try, is your heart asking you to follow it? Instead, you leap to try and put it back in its cage. When you do, everything feels calm and relaxed, but only for a moment. Only until you hear that voice, that energy that pulls at your gut and stresses the mind.

 That thing you have always wanted to create, attempt, or do. But you keep doing the other thing because it is familiar. Or has been embedded so deeply in your life you do not know how to let it go. So there you are, chasing a rabbit that will never stop running.

 That will never stop finding reasons to escape and evade the perils of the usual. Maybe, what you think you should be doing is not exactly what you should be doing? But whatever it is you are doing, I know this, you should not be attempting to catch the rabbit, no one ever truly does.

 You can only lock it away for so long and time is running out. Wasting it on a perpetual chase is not worth a damn. Instead, follow the rabbit, even if it means danger, pain, a possible sacrifice of something you hold dear. Follow that rabbit and surely you will forget less, love more, and act with persistence.
Are you doing the things you want to do, your heart wants? Or are you doing the things you think you should do? 

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