A Wolf and A Boy

A Wolf and A Boy

Theran found a wounded wolf on his way home from his morning education at the Lockly School of Science. A place where many great scientists and mathematicians have been birthed into the academic world and thereafter.

  Theran, being the curious and scientific child he is. He stops a short distance from home to observe a wolf. Theran shows no signs of fear, his eyes address the wolf with kindness and the wolf gives no sign of danger; at least from the distance Theran is standing.

  Theran continues to look at the wolf as he creeps forward with his book bag in hand. The weather is fickle with snow. Theran barley noticed the wolf as he was walking home. Its white fur blends well with the snow covered ground.

  What caught Theran's eyes is the blood that is covering the wolf's face. A large stain of red covers the wolf from the snout to the left its left eye. Theran has always loved animals and has two dogs and cat at home. Which he cares for, for that was the stipulation from his parents if they were to own pets.

  So, Theran's heart became filled with sympathy the moment he saw the injured wolf. Approaching the wolf Theran can see the wolf looking directly at him. Its eyes are flushed with pain and are scouting Theran for any danger.

 But the closer Theran gets the more ease the wolf appears. Theran finds this odd, since wolves are known to be defensive when alone. But there is some sort of strange connection between he and the wolf.

  Theran nears the wolf, close enough to see its chest rising as it lays on its side. Theran is overcome with awe as his eyes canvass the detail of its coat and the massive size it is. Theran smiles and whispers to the wolf that everything is okay, that he is not there to hurt him.

  It is a dark morning and the wooded trails allow little light from the settled moon. He remains vigilant as he is only a few feet from the wolf. Keeping his eyes on the wolf as much as possible but also making sure there are no other wolves hiding in the darkness of the woods.

  Theran is now within touching distance of wolf. Theran carefully kneels down and places his hand on the wolf's ribs and slowly starts to pet the wolf. The wolf whimpers with pain and Theran starts to examine the wound(s) with his eyes.

  The blood is dry and the wolf's breathing is shallow. Theran deducts from these details that the wolf has probably been outside for quite awhile. Theran stands up slowly and tries the comfort the wolf with some encouraging words.

  He then tells the wolf he will be back. Theran darts off up the trail to his home. He finds his wooden sled and grabs a rope and ties it to the front of the sled. He tosses his book bag on top of a small stack of hay beside the home.

  He then starts to pull the sled back to the wolf. He runs as quickly as he can. His long black jacket waves with the rushing wind that starts to howl. His visibility becomes hindered by the now thick falling of snow.

  But he continues to run to the wolf. After some time he makes it back to the wolf. At first, he cannot seem to pin point the exact spot the wolf was at. It is difficult to see through the snow. He slows his pace down and searches.

  He suddenly hears the whimpering of the wolf and makes his way toward the sound. Theran is finally able to see the wolf. He speaks to the wolf with a soft greeting and tells the wolf everything is fine. The wolf looks up at Theran with sadness.

  Theran places the sled beside the wolf. He goes behind the wolf and places his hands under its side. The coldness of the snow causes Theran some pain but he fights it. He tries to push the wolf onto the sled but he is not strong enough.

  Theran removes his jacket and places it on the wolf. He starts to look around for something to help him. Looking around he looks up and sees a thick sturdy branch hanging not to high up. Theran then unties the rope from the sled and tosses one end over the branch. He then carefully ties the other end around just under the wolf's front legs.

  He then grabs the other side of the rope and pulls on it. The wolf is heavy so Theran struggles at first to get any positive outcome. Once the wolf's chest is off the ground he pushes the front of the sled under the wolf with his foot. Theran is starting to get cold, he catches a slight shiver.

  He lowers the wolf gently onto the sled. The front of the wolf is now on the sled. He unties the rope from the wolf and ties it around the rear of the wolf and repeats the steps. Theran is successful, a large smile crosses his face. He ties the rope back on the sled and starts to pull it.

  A few struggling steps and he gains momentum. He can feel his hands becoming numb, so he decides to tie the rope around his waist. The wolf has become silent. Theran looks back as he walks, he sees the wolf is still breathing so he presses on as fast as he can.

  Shivering, Theran keeps an eye out for predators the best he can. Only a few more turns and he will be home. Tired, he keeps his head tilted down a bit and his eyes to the ground. Suddenly he runs into something.

He looks up, standing in front of him is a man. Tall, with a dark beard, with one blue eye, and a stern look on his face. Theran is unsure what to say or do. The man looks at the Theran and says,

"That is my wolf."

Theran still staring at the man, "Well, you should learn to take care of him better."

The man laughs snidely, "It is only a dog my boy, a beast to be tamed and controlled by man. Nothing else, now hand him over."

  Theran, shivering, he tries to push past the man by walking around him. But the man steps in front of him, kneels a bit and places his hand on Theran's chest. "Boy, that is my wolf and you are stealing him. And from the looks of it, you are a boy that follows the law."

Theran, looks up at the up man, "How do I know it's your wolf and why is he hurt?"

"That is none of your concern as to what happened. As for it being mine, look under its chin, you will see a there is brand."

Theran drops back from the man and examines the wolf, he finds the brand. "What kind of person brands their pets?" Theran stands firmly between the wolf and the man.

"A man who owns the dog and doesn't want little boys like you stealing it."

Theran still standing firm crosses his arms, he does his best to look tough as he shivers.

"Boy, look at you, you're cold, you'll surely die in a few moments if you don't put back on your jacket. Now give me the wolf before things go wrong." The man stands back up revealing a knife hidden under his coat.

  Theran steps back, frightened of the knife, he unties the rope from his waste and steps aside.
The man walks over to the wolf and goes to pick it up. But as he does the wolf springs up and bites his arm.

The man screams out, hits the wolf with his hand on the head and steps back a few paces.
"You damn dog, what the hell!"

Theran laughs under his breath. The man goes back to grab the wolf, but it growls at him. The man becomes weary of the wolf. "What have you done to my wolf to make it disobey me boy?!"

"Nothing" Theran smiles.

  The man then grows furious. He pulls out the knife and lunges at the wolf. The wolf, badly wounded, cannot react quickly. The man plunges the knife into the wolf's side. The wolf whimpers loudly. Theran leaps over and grasps onto the man's arm that holds the knife. The man removes the knife from the wolf and flings Theran into the woods like a pebble.

  The wolf falls and the man says, "You can have him now!" as he holds the knife above the wound. Theran postures himself from the snow and sees a blue orb float from the knife wound. It flies over to the man's knife and is absorbed. Then the man vanishes. Theran, starkly confused runs over to the wolf. He sees it is dead, but he brings the wolf home and buries it.

  After burying it, he goes inside to cry and waits for his parents to arrive from groceries. As he waits, a knock echoes from the front door. Theran stops crying and cautiously steps to the door and opens it. A boy, only a year or so older than him, looks at Theran and asks,

"Have you seen a white wolf, it might be wounded too?"

Theran is a bit suspicious but the boy at the door reveals a blue collar with the wolves name on it, Helten. He then tells the boy what happened and brings him to where he buried him. After that, they both go inside.

The boy then tells Theran how there is man after the wolf which was stolen from the boy to be used by an evil wizard for terrible things.

Theran then introduces himself. "My name is Theran, what is yours?"

The boy removes his jacket and places it on the dining room table. "My name is Terrance."
I have never tied two short stories together so lets see how this goes. 
If you haven't read the first piece of this, it is, A Wizardy Death.

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