A Wizardry Death

A Wizardry Death  

The old wizard Seper, has his home atop a small hill at the end of the village. Orange groves surround the base of  the hill like a maze. The sweet scent of the groves can be smelled throughout the entire village if the wind sweeps through at just the right direction.

 Seper's home is quaint, it is large enough for himself and his wolf Helten. Inside is a surmountable collection of magical things. From liquids, powders, to books of magic that can only be read if you have the spell to read them. 

 Seper is ninety three years old but is spiritedly as ever. Wizards have an average life span of two-hundred and Fifty. He has a silver beard that reaches his knees and has eyes of turquoise. Some say, his eyes are where he stores his magic. 

 Every day Seper wakes up and draws open the shutters of his home. Allowing whatever elements to interact with his home. Seper enjoys the company of nature, it is where he spends most his time if he is not working on new magic. 

 He uses nature to inspire and calm his mind. After opening the shutters he lets out Helten for his morning exercises. Helten, being the kind wolf he is, as a puppy he had ran out of the house and into the village and met a boy. 

 A boy named Terrance. He is a happy young man now, age twelve with much curiosity as a cat. So, every morning upon his morning exercise, Helten runs into the village to greet Terrance. Terrance is always found having his morning meal beside his mother. 

 Both enjoy the company of Helten. They greet him with a smile and energetic pets. Helten is especially fond of scratches on his jaw. After Helten greets Terrance and his mother, Helten runs around the village greeting the others that are walking about in the early morning.

 He then returns to Terrance so they can both head to Seper's home. Terrance has been under the tutelage of Seper since the age of eight. Seper has been wildly impressed by Terrance ability to grasp the art of Wizardry. 

 Any who can learn enough Wizardry eventually are granted a unique spell that will allow the new found wizard to be able to store his magic in an item or somewhere in the body. Which is where they draw their power from, as long as the magic remains the wizard will live. 

 But over time magic fades and old age of a wizard can no longer bear the power.

 Terrance, being the valedictorian of Wizardry at such a young age, Seper believes today could be the day Terrance is given his Wizard spell, otherwise known as, "A Wizards Hecate."

 So, today, Terrance is overwhelmed with excitement. He cannot wait to be a complete wizard. Most do not gain such magic till they are at least sixteen. Even then, most are not at the level of knowledge and capability that Terrance is. 

 So excited, Terrance rushes over to Seper's house with a great grin while trying to out run Helten. Helten pretends to struggle at keeping up with Terrance. He keeps just a little behind Terrance and then teases that he is going to pass and then falls behind.

Both greatly enjoy each others presence. They arrive at Seper's home, Terrance barges into the house with great thrill. He shouts out to Seper that he has arrived. Seper, looking out the window furthest from the front door. He hears Terrance and immediately turns around.

 Terrance and Seper look to each other and say hi. Seper, excited as well, gestures Terrance to come over to him. "Come come Terrance, we have much to do if today is going to be the day you receive your Hecate."

 Terrance nods sternly to affirm Seper he is ready. Seper has Terrance sit at the desk in front of a black board. Seper begins the lessons for the day. Helten, sits quietly on the floor next to Terrance. Hours go by and Terrance's anticipation is only growing. 

 Finally, after many months and much dedication and hard work. Seper sees Terrance is ready. Seper quickly sets up the ceremonial goblet which holds a special liquid to open Terrance soul so the magic can be welcomed. 

 Seper hands the goblet to Terrance, his small hands barley lap the bottom the the goblet. Terrance places it on the table, closes his eyes and Seper begins the tradition. A few magical powders are added to the liquid in the goblet and Terrance becomes the subject of a spell.

 Seper says the spell and then tells Terrance to drink the liquid. Terrance starts to consume the liquid. It has a very sour and bitter taste. Much like an old apple. Terrance finishes the liquid and his face perks with disgust.

 Seper laughs a bit as he looks at Terrance's reaction to the liquid. Suddenly Terrance passes out. He awakes a moment later, but is not where he was. He is in some other place, surrounded by vivid colors that coat the horizon and trees that are of many different and unimaginable colors. 

 He starts to walk around and explores within the vicinity. He then tries to talk, his voice carries through the air with a soft echo. Then, from the sky appears Seper. Seper tells Terrance what he must do. He must find the tree of life and eat one of its leaves.

 It is the largest tree with leaves of purple tops and gold bellies. Terrance starts to explore, through the exploration Terrance finds many stranger wonders. He finds water, but it moves away anytime he gets close to it. 

 He finds animals that approach him but do not react to his presence. Some even walk through him like ghosts. Terrance is mystified by what he is seeing, these are such things children only dream of. For Terrance, it is a reality. 

 After much exploration, Terrance sees the tree. It is gigantic, at least a hundred stories tall. Expanding out over an open field of white grass. Draping to the ground with such elegance. Terrance is overtaken by what he is seeing. He approaches the tree with a hand out in front of him. 

 He feels the leaf, its underbelly is smooth like skin. The top of the leaf is soft, with short hairs. Terrance then plucks the leaf from the tree. When he does, all the leaves on the tree curl up as close the branches as they can.

 Terrance examines what just happened while he feels the leaf in his hand. He then takes the leaf from his hand and places it in his mouth and starts to chew. The texture is oddly rough, chewy, and the flavors are indescribable. It tastes as if every good flavor in the universe was compacted into a single leaf.

 Terrance swallows the leaf. Then, Seper appears again, but this time. Seper appears worried, he speaks to Terrance in a rushed tone. "Terrance, you must hurry and return to where you came from. The blue light that shines from the sky, head towards that....you must hurry!." 

 Seper disappears, Terrance calls out to Seper but there is no response. Terrance, caught with worry, he starts to run toward the direction of the blue light. As he nears the light, he starts to hear voices. He hears Seper's voice, but it is in distraught and laced in anger. 

 Terrance reaches the blue light. He looks up and he can see Sepers home, he can see Seper from the blue light. Like a window to a new world. Terrance stands under the light and yells to Seper. Terrance then sees another man appear. He is standing in front of Seper, wearing a black cloak. Terrance then yells some more, hoping he will be heard eventually. 

 But nothing happens. Terrance watches in desperation as the man in the cloak starts to become violent with Seper. The man in the cloak shoves Seper into the wall. He then pulls out a blade, a curved blade with strange markings on the side. 

 He goes to stab Seper, but Seper sets off  a spell that causes the attacker to fly back hitting the wall. Terrance continues to watch as he tries to figure out a way to return. The man in the cloak then stands back up and sets off a spell as well. One that knocks Seper off his feet. 

 Spells are continually exchanged. Magical blasts burst upon hitting the target or the surroundings. Then, as Terrance watches, Seper is flung into the air and knocks over the goblet. Suddenly Terrance collapses, his body goes limp and his eyes are shut.

 Terrance then wakes, which feels like only a few seconds. But sees some time has passed. He looks around Sepers home and sees no attacker. His heart is pounding, he then sees Seper on the ground lying on his back. 

 Terrance scrambles to Seper and kneels beside him. Suddenly, Terrance can't move. A deep cynical laugh then appears from behind Terrance. Terrance is then turned around by some mysterious force. 

 A half turn and there stands the attacker. But his hooded cloak hides his face. Terrance cannot talk, the cloaked man steps to Terrance and says, 

"You must be the boy Seper has been teaching. We can't have that, we need no more wizards my friend. Now, let's see what we can do to fix that."

 The attacker then manipulates Sepers body, he controls Seper to stand up and then stand on the desk in front of the black board. Seper's eyes are deaden, they are completely still. Seper is standing on the desk and the attacker says,

"Watch boy, as I extract that last remaining magic of your beloved wizard Seper."

 Suddenly, Seper's eyes begin to bleed, the attacker laughs as he looks to Seper with his hand toward Seper, making spell motions. Terrance is full of fright, his heart is pulsating wildly. Terrance tries to close his eyes but the cloaked man forces them to stay open.

 Seper's eyes suddenly pop from his head and Seper becomes limp. Then, a small blue light floats from Seper's body. The attacker walks over to the light but keeps control of Terrance. He pulls the blade from earlier out from its sheath. He raises it to the blue orb of light and says a few hushed words.

 The blue light is absorbed by the knife. The man then vanishes and Terrance falls and hits the ground. He fights against a moment of pain then rushes over to Seper. He shakes Seper. Blood coats Seper's entire face. Seper suddenly coughs and starts to talk in agony.

"You...you....you are all we got Terrance....we are counting on you.....you must save us."

 Seper falls to the soft lining of death, Terrance then looks for Helten, he finds him in a corner of the home crushed by items through out the houses. Terrance uncovers Helten and sees he is wounded badly on the ribs. Terrance tries to pick him up but he can't.

 He becomes frustrated and tries to look for something to help. After searching a bit, he realizes he now has full Wizardry powers. He looks to Helten and focuses his eyes on him. He places one hand out and starts to do spell motions.

 It is difficult, as Terrance has never had to use such power before. Seper was supposed to me the one to show him how to control such new strength and powers. After much struggle he is able to lift Helten.

 He rushes home and finds his mother and carefully places Helten on the ground. He tells her what happened and she embraces Terrance. She then picks up Helten, takes him inside and addresses the wound. Terrance goes to his room and starts to look through all his text books. Frantically searching through them he finds what he is looking for. He finds the symbols that were the attackers knife.

He reads the description of the knife. It reads,

"The mystical blade Vidus, said to be able to absorb the magic or soul of those that have been killed by the blade."  

Terrance searches another book for those that would want it. 

 He finds a page that describes those in the realm of magic that have been after the Vidus blades since its creation. There are over twenty in the book that describe the greed and power for the Blade. Terrance starts to mark those that he believes may have done it. All those that have the power of a wizard but have the power to bear such a blade.

Too be continued.
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