What is Your Why?

 What is Your Why?

Before you begin on a journey of discovery, before you start down the path of your heart. Ask, what is your reason for such an attempt? Why step into the passion of your heart? What do you want from it?


All the above?

  These are questions I believe all should ask themselves before they leap from their edge and spread their wings. For one needs a destination and that destination is the why. Without a why, you are surely to fly above the clouds only to end up falling, crashing to earth in a blaze of exhaustion.

  I am not saying you shall fly forever the moment you find your why. For there may be many why's you find before you find the one that holds to you. The one that truly sparks you to start and never stop. I have fallen many times from my why's before ever landing on the one that has kept me going.

  I have risen as a phoenix many a times. I have watched my wings crumble beneath heavy winds for I have had many why's of frail thoughts. Your why, must ignite you each time you chase your dream. It should feel as if it is fresh with each moment you step into your heart.

 A spring of excitement should gush from your chest like champagne held back by the pressure of a cork. Fizzing, bubbling with a rush to escape, to be free of the horrible confines of its glass enclosure.

  As you search for such a why, prepare to fall on your back, prepare to feel your wings aching to be removed. Prepare to be tried for every ounce of energy you will ever have. For the why that will lift to your dreams and give reason to fight for them till death, will not come without tribulation.

  An endless expansion of trails follows the deepest why's. On your journey of why, you shall find many corpses of deceased dreams, of abandoned why's and forsaken souls. All, which will tempt you to cease. To give your heart to flesh and fall.

  They will speak ill of you and whisper in hopes to divide, to separate you from yourself and sever you from your why. They will be empty in eyes, hurtful in tongue, and jealous in act. But mind them not, for you are no mere mortal of temptation.

  You are something greater, something vast, something for fear to fear. Something for death to be weary of. Let your heart guide you and let your mind give you a voice to believe.

  You will know you have found your why, when not even sickness keeps you from your heart. You will know, when even tragedy cannot keep you from your passion, your heart. You will strive in the darkest of times and commit to your task.

  You will become the lion in the once den of sheep. You will feast on your fear in glory and fill up your mug with humility. Your eyes will expunge with joyful tears and your tongue will taste of cherry. You will see light in all darkness.

  You will work when no one is watching. You will proceed down your path even when it is lonely. You will many times wish to quit, to walk away and scream in frustration. But you will not falter to such thoughts, such feelings. For with your why, you will not be controlled by the circulation of your thoughts, but by the strength of your heart.

  You will fight to grow, even when you are known for nothing. You will find pleasure even when the world is silent, when the world is against you. Like I, a mere writer terrible with grammar, but I write. For it keeps me alive and I hope my words do the same for others.

  And days go by where I wish to hang my hat. There are times when I see fit the ability to give up and walk away. But the moment I put my fingers to words and allow my heart to speak, I remember why I strive each day even if the day is brimming with misery.

  I remember the pain I had before it, the agony my heart bled. I remember the want to no longer have an existence. And though few see my works and most probably glaze with boredom in the first lines, I still write.

  For I write for my heart, my life. I shall drown in my words if I must. Though I may never be anything, I am humbled by my creations. For they bring to life my why. My why, is to live, to feel, to touch those around me that hurt as I did.

  We are all made of why's, good or bad, weak or strong. But we all have the choice to find that why that will lift us or, the why that will destroy us.
Do you have a why for life, for your heart, for a reason to seek your passion?

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