She Weeps

 She Weeps

 Oh and she weeps. She weeps among the stars and the sadness in her eyes. She looks in her reflection and she is burdened. She sees only the darkness that runs along her skin like scales. But she finds no season to shed it.

 She is ambushed in her tears. Cornered by the splitting of her thoughts. She is encumbered by noise, by the bristles of her mind. Pricked with each passing second as she tries to allude to something else. To anger, to hope, to anxiety, to coldness, or the hollow halls of the numb.

 To anything but this miserable feeling of existence. Feeling useless in the breaking of her world. Watching as villains swarm her cosmos like the flames of hell. Oh she weeps in terror as her makeup cracks upon her face.

Disgusted, she turns away. Looking to the far spaces between the vast expanse of space. Her eyes delicate, like fractured glass of an old church. She stares into the void of the empty black. Seeing only the lonely sparks that are but fading stars.

She cries out with quivering lips of sorrow

 "Oh harrowing misery, memories, and regrets. Why do you follow me so? Am I but a thread for the eye of your needle? To be weaved through the hollow howls of my own heart? Why do I feel forsaken in my own flesh? These terrible skews of my thoughts torment me so. What must I give for silence? What must I give for peace? "

 Her heart dwells in these thoughts like a theorist of the universe. She has long been unable to cease such thinking. She has become brittle in her soul. She has shaped herself to be ugly in her own. She allows the multiplying of lies to be truth.

 She hinders her rhythm with each lonely night. She weeps, calling out for peace as demons shred the comfort of her heart. She is ravaged of innocence. She is quiet in her voice, an empty shell with unfamiliar echos.

 Her mirrors be the enemy of her view. She weeps with shades of black from an overture of mascara. Another night taken by soft sinister words as they crawl from the seams of her heart that bleeds.
What are your thoughts on this? Can you relate to the pain of this woman? 

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