Where the Mind Quits

Where the Mind Quits 

This is where the mind quits and the heart ticks. Where everything is on the line and life becomes a burden with just one misstep. Either follow the mind and walk into the abyss, close your eyes and rest.

Or this, this is where you take in a deep breath, fill your chest and do your best. Where the rest will look to you as if you are full of it. As if your gestures of dedication are worthless. A futile attempt to act as if you are something else.

But you take every moment as if it is your last. You spring forth from the exhaustion that requests your tired eyes to surrender. To create a blur of what could be better, what could become your bender of after.

You ignite a fire and follow the ember of your boiler. Where you toss the old, the lies, the temptations, and live as if you are going to die. You no longer live in between the lines, but have chosen where you shall stand.

You are a breather of the brighter. A bringer of the hour, a conqueror, but breed no betrayers. You are what everything you thought you could not be. For you ignored the tiresome lies of the mind and brought forth a calmer sea to demolish the former.

Split the ocean and walk bolder, shoulders back, chest forward with colors that bring tremors of change. Becoming vibrant in the tired, the storms that leave most bewildered. A dazzler of the soul, a danger to the lame. For they aim for nothing but the sane.

The plateaus of the inane and the cornered.

You have everything to keep your head and heart to flutter. To foster a fresher more freer future. Forging a foyer of fixed fractures and brilliant honor. Where your blade is fixed sharp, edged to bleed your enemies of their laughter.

This is where you become a leader, a doer of the newer, and find no place to rest till you are face to face with death.

Are you doing all you can do or are you constantly walking into the abyss of nothing? For it is easier to play the dumb fool of willful blindness than be the hero of your story. 

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