What Do you Desire My Darling?

 What Do you Desire My Darling? 

What do you want my darling?

I have said my words many times. You know of my heart as I do of my own tongue. What do you wish?

Are you wishing for finer things? For blankets of silk and jewels of red? For I have given you those, but your eyes show of more.

Do you wish of extravagance I have yet to give? For sunsets in Brazil or sunrises in Italy? Do you wish for a view of high heights? Where mountains kiss the sky and clouds hug the masts of the earth.

 Tell me, so I may not be a foolish wandering of your desires. So that I may not gather the wrong things and you grow bored. Say your words, so that I do not miss that which you hold dear and are eager to feel.

What are your desires my dear?

Do you wish for the ocean to be our streets? Letting the waves be our guides and the winds be our lights? Do you wish to kiss beneath the Aurora? Where our souls fly and our minds will believe.

Open your heart, let me be your king and provide you the luxuries of earth. Do you want lands that expand beyond our view. Where the moon is seen in either day or night. Do you wish for rare fruits to fall upon your lips?

Tasting succulence only few know. Shall I remove the moon from its place and give you it's gravity; So that you may control the beauty that be the sea? Shall I pluck the stars from the heavens and plant them at your feet, so that you may feel their magnificence?

What do you wish my darling?

Let your heart spill from your ribs and be seen by my eyes. Let every desire be heard and every hope be given.

What do you crave my darling, for I am your king but I bow before your eyes?

"What do I wish for you ask?

Love, I desire only lasting moments with you and fruitful days of love. I desire truth, care, and adventures of the soul. I wish for conversations beneath the shelter of our homes. Love beneath our sheets and laughter in each day. I desire you, the rest you speak of, are merely extras."
Have you told yourself and those you love what you need from them?

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