It is Time To Let Go

It is Time To Let Go

 It's time to let it all go. Pack the bags of the past, toss them to the river banks. Let them float away, never to be heard again. Let the mistakes that burden your soul find refuge in the clouds, away from the heart. Away from the prying eyes of pride and ego.

 It is time to be bold in the fear of failure. To rise up against the howling winds and cut yourself a path to the highest mountain. Allow your wings to spread, it is time. It is time to let the faces of your misery be washed from your mind, from your soul.

 You are moving on, the tears that now fall from you, are tears to keep going. To press beyond the apathetic dwellings of suffering, of tragedy. You are human, as are we all, set aside perfection, and seek improvement.

 Put down the idol of the flesh and find idols of the heart. Preach to your soul, not your skin. Cleanse the bloodied floors upon which you walk. Allow the stains to remain as reminders, as are scars. Let them be lessons of the wounds that were once reason to quit. But became reason to keep moving.

 Slaughter your enemy, cut down their resources, fear deserves none. Doubt deserves even less, for doubt gives no motivation. No flow for the heart to leap to action. Fight or flight, these are your choices. Nay, fight, fight is all you have left. It is all you want, all you need.

 Let the flooded streets become your new sea, sail to new shores. Plant a new flag, start a new colony of thought. Of ideas, imagination, forgive the old and raise the new. You are not the former faults of your pages.

 You are now the artist, the writer, the director of your words, your path. You give your tools to no one. You bath in risk, you shower your script in danger, in the bending of rule and you break the doors that once frightened you.

 The unknown is your friend and you call to it, as a wolf calls to the moon. Bare your teeth for the world to see, show your fangs that give design to suffice hunger. To pierce the enemy and gut the old.

 You are as persistent as the sun, if shaded, it is because you are working. Creating, building a new castle to be ruled. A castle of the unexpected that gives only to those that deserves its shelter. You are no longer weak, no longer a feeble worm among the soils of earth.

 You are a lion, a beast to be talked about, learned, and respected. You seek not to impress fear upon others but to be humble among others. To show pride in your work but give no birth to a zealous ego.

You are you and you shall fight to you remain you, no matter the sacrifice that shall be brought upon you.
We are all made of mistakes and failure, but these are things that can grow us and give us the lessons we need to do so.

What are you struggling to get to in life?

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