The Perfect Beauty

The Perfect Beauty 

 She is perfect, built from the gods and birthed from the pearl of Poseidon. She is everything any man any god would want, would crave. Upon her birth she already stands among the gods as something extraordinary.

 Her locks of red hair sway like flowers to ever soothing currents of the sea. Her skin, like the white pearl of the womb she broke from. Her face, perfectly spaced from great admiration of her father, no mistake was given.

 She walks the earth in perfection. Each step she takes, beautiful flowers bloom, birds sing, and the world stares in awe. She resembles what all Beings of any life wish to be. Never silent, she always finds reason to speak.

 If she be not speaking, you can find her singing. She walks the many cities of the world with absolute confidence. But as time progresses she still holds no hand for marriage. Yet, she continues to stride herself with grace and perfection.

 Every city displays a statue of her, covered only in a thin garment. After time, she rejects such icons of her beauty. For she thinks no hand of man can create what her father has. So she travels to all cities of earth and demands they remove each statue, each painting, each description of her from any page.

 For she tells them only she is the true vision of herself. Nothing can replace her not even a new creation of her father. She tells the cities, she gives no hand in marriage for no man, no god, for none hold perfection as her.

 Any dare say they do, are tested by her kiss. All who have been kissed, become vacant in themselves. They feel no other love. They become obsessed, maddened by her essence. They drivel like salivating beasts before a feast.

 In their madness she finds them repulsive. For they lose control of their emotions. Those that kiss her, speak of their graces to lend themselves to death just to lay with her. But each request she refuses, for none can hold themselves steady.

 So she travels far into the mountains where no one dares go. She travels to find love, to find marriage. But already, does she think there is no other that can be equal. As she travels among the   mountains she reaches the highest peak.

 Her eyes of a golden red travel across the blooming horizon. She see's in the distance, a cabin that sits alone between two red trees. She approaches the cabin and request the presence of the host. At first, there is no reply.

 Then she demands with gripping fists. A voice is then heard from within the cabin. The door swings open, and there, at the entrance stands a man of ivory, dark hair, and eyes of the moon. He asks what she wants.

She replies with a snide smile and says, "I am looking for the perfect man to marry, are you it?"

The man stands in the doorway and leans to one side. "Come closer, let me see you."

As they both stand in winters air, a wind is casting a light flurry of snow, she takes steps to near the man in the door. She stops, smiles and says, "Well, what do you have to offer me?"

 The man laughs for a moment, stands up in the door way. He then steps down from his cabin. As he makes his way to her, she starts to see him more clearly. She see's he bears a scar upon his face, scars upon his arms and his hair is scattered with laces of grey.

A sudden look of disgust climbs from her face. "You are not what I am looking for." She turns her head away from him.

The man stands a few feet from her, he smiles with sadness and says, "That my dear, is why you shall never find the perfection you are looking for."

She turns her head back to him, her eyes pierce with anger, "What do you mean I shall never find it?! I am perfection, I merely want equal."

 The man laughs again, "See my lady, you bear perfection and that is what makes you imperfect for any love. You were created with no mistakes. Which has given you the gorgeous beauty that you wear. But dear, you fear scars, you fear imperfections, you fear the risk of the heart upon any love. You have traveled this far seeking me, knowing full well what you expect. For the stories of I, I know travel far. I am the first mistakes of the gods. I am powerful as any of them, but I am half man half god. So I can bear scars like any man. Be hurt, like any man. The perfection you seek is in the clouds, but even then, that is not enough for you. I can feel your animosity towards the gods, for they bear just as much perfection as you.

So why bother the presence of your love if there shall be no risk? You my dear, fear any consequence that may shatter your beauty your heart."

 She looks to him with an odd sense of disorientation. She stands with arms crossed upon hearing his words. She stands silent for a moment as she takes in his words, words of any, for the first time with a serious tone. She then feels her heart flutter with something she has never felt before. Her stomach curls with butterflies. Her face blushes of red, she immediately covers her cheeks.

 The man steps closer, gently removes her hands from her face and says, "See, that is perfection, allowing the heart to feel, allowing it to react. My dear, you are lovely, but if you wish to be perfect and find perfect, you must be willing to lose. Willing to feel every emotion there is and accepting it. You must be willing to make scars."

She then starts to cry, she falls into the arms of the man. He kneels down with her in the snow, brushes her hair to the side, lifts her chin with his hand, looks her in the eyes and says,

"I will take that risk, I will risk my heart for the chance to love you. Allow me such a chance and I will show you the beauty of what love truly is."

 She wipes her tears from her face and stands up. She smiles with a blushed face and mangled emotions. The man then grasps her hand with his. They walk down from the mountains to walk among men, hand in hand. All that see, are inspired, for she walks among a man of scars, of mistakes and wars.

The cities erect new statues, but not of them nor not her. But of a heart, that bears scars.
Do you search for the "right" perfect or do you take chances and risk the possibility of love or pain?

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