An Island Proposal

An Island Proposal 

 We were on an island for vacation, we had been together for four years. It was the perfect day the perfect evening. The day was and will always be one of the best days of my life. I remember, I reserved us a private table out on the very exclusive area of the resort.

The water would flow up and hug the shore just a few feet from us. A cool breeze between the glossy night heat would kiss our faces. Everything was perfect, except for my mind. All day I was in a constant hold of anxiety, nervous to the core, desperately shaking inside.

I ran the scenarios of what was going to happen and what I was going to say a million times. At moments we would be talking and I would lose track of what she was saying. I was so busy concentrating on that night.

More than a few times she got frustrated with my lack of responsiveness to her questions. I did my best to steer us from falling into rocky waters. Which each time I thought we would surely fall and she would be angery with me.

Which would have possibly ruined our entire day and the special event. 

Anyways, there we were, alone, secluded from the busy and beautiful resort. Pinched between a landscape of a small cascade of hills, natural rock architecture built by the wild temperaments of nature, and a sinking sun, falling to a calm sea of blue.

The sand was warm against our feet, my heart was strained by my nervous thoughts. But she, she was calm, gorgeous. Her smile glistened with the sparkling sea. She wore a red dress that grasped her body with a confident elegance. 

Her hair curled in waves touching just above her waist. The sun shone from her hair as it dangled like individual threads of silk. Shining with its dark complexion of beauty. Never had she looked so glorious, so unimaginably beautiful.

Her alone, would give any place a romantic thrill. She brings life to any place she enters and her eyes capture the soul so well.

So, there we were alone together. A violinist approached our table near the end when our food had settled in our hungry stomachs. The sun was just sinking behind the sea. It glazed the horizon with hues of red and orange. It looked of spilt paint spreading to a waving canvass.

Then, as the violinist started the next song. I stood up, took her hand and walked with her a few feet into the water. Then, we looked to the sun and talked of it's beauty and wonder. As she looked to the sun, I pointed to a dove that had been released just for this occasion. 

She had no clue what was about to happen, and when she looked back from exploring the passing dove. I was on one knee with a diamond ring held in my hands, presented to her with my heart. The moment she saw me, she lost her breath. 

She held her hands to her mouth and started to tear up. In her emotional expulsion of love, I spilled my heart to her. Placed the ring on her hand, and we embraced each other for minutes as the sun fell and the skies became dark.

And that, that is how I proposed to your mother. 
Someday I hope to make this come true.
Have you proposed before?

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