A Cancer is No End

A Cancer is No End 

I'm cuffed, tied to reality. I am held to a strict limit of ability, today, that limit has been reached. Though I have no say in what happens next, I will not have idle hands nor an idle heart. I will be the stone from which you can stand on.

Allowing a solid foundation, for I want you not to fall to the misery that has come forward. This tragedy is not the end, unless you wish it do be. Much more is to come, but only if you fight, if we fight. If we take in our breathes as if they are our last and charge.

Taking aim at life and allowing the growing of flowers. Creating a theme of faith and turning it to reality. Bringing forth good fortune to the mind and casting our the filth that wishes to cloud you. I can only image the fear that is tempted your heart now.

Crooked like branches from a wild tree. Springing from the belly of doubt as they rise from your soul. Slowly constricting your hope. But this will not be, for we will prune, cut, severe, eradicate the expanding fear.

We shall hold hands and rise to the stars, as we were intended. But we shall live, you shall live. This is no time for our hearts to become frail and let suffering be our bitter end. We, you, I , must choose an even higher path.

For it can end with beauty or end with a sour tongue and echo with misery. We have made it this far, though we be distant in our connection, for bitter history has tainted. But we must clear our eyes from the murky wells of agony.

Find our reflections and smooth them out. Create a clear thought, path, of where you shall take this, where I shall take this. We must not tremble to the call of death, for it is not reason to fear, but reason to live.

For this possible and premature call, may be the last attempt to truly live, to love, to create. We are complex creatures in our own, but simple if only we listen to our hearts. No matter the suffering, the pain, the tragedy, the heart always tells us to keep going.

It is the mind that will wish you to quit, so change those thoughts, let us shine a light upon the good and fight the good fight. For canver will not be your end.
It is unfortunate what has been bestowed upon my family, but it is  no reason to fall and weep with pity. 

What have you done to get through such a tragedy?

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