Lift Yourself From Drowning

Lift Yourself From Drowning 

Sometimes, our world can become heavy. It can feel as if stones are chained to our ankles as we desperately struggle to swim to the surface. Our lungs become shallow, our breaths automated by stress, by fear. Repetition of hours click by like droplets of water as they fall upon our heads.

We look to time, only to see four more hours of rigorous monotony left, before we are allowed the breaching of only our nose to the surface. Ending days in the cries of tears or in the silence of melancholy. Feeling dull, as if a forgotten antique taken by dust. Worthy of only a glimpse as we feel ourselves to be no more worth than what we receive after two weeks.

We collapse to the mundane, to the emptiness and shroud ourselves in temporary bliss. Coating our hearts in drinks, screens, and other pleasures of flesh. Only to wake in a shroud of numb echoes of bitterness, as the hours tick by before we must plunge our nose back to the depth of the ocean.

Holding our breath as days become months, and months become years. Our eyes appear ravaged by crunching seconds. Keeping at bay the impulse to break, to allow the tension to cease our very breath. Unfortunately, many allow themselves the breaking, the crumbling of their soul.

So they grow eyes of the resentful, looking of the dead, of pale skin with a chest filled of lonely howls. What happens to the soul, happens to the flesh, and soon their skin follows. Dragging to the ground like the melting of wax. Aging as if they leap through time, only to find themselves decrepit. Soul broken and expunged of any joy.

They have allowed the necrosis of mind, of soul.

But this does not have to be us, you. We do not have to fall for the burden of the mediocre nor the repetition of the minimum. For, to make everything better, there is a simple first step.

That step is to embrace your circumstance and create belief that you can change it all. Another step, be kind to those around you and sacrifice some time to help others. Whether with words, with a helping hand to cross a street, or a kind smile in passing. Maybe even a compliment of beauty upon a stranger.

Another, do not allow the drowning of yourself in things you do not enjoy. Do not allow the settling of the heart for the pure acceptance to be financially based. For the soul can quickly become cruel, as well as the mind. Tend to your passions, your love, your heart, tend to your friends and family, if only for moments through out the day.

We are blessed in life, to merely have life, so open the door to being grateful, even during the terrible. Cut the chains from your ankles and rise to the surface, for their is much air to breathe and hope to sail.
It is easy to get trapped in life, but with a few changes it can all become a graceful suffering.

Have you had to make changes in your life for the better, if so, what changes did you make and why?

More such thoughts to be explored in, A Man's Traveled Heart
Coming soon, The Bleeding of Words.

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