To Those With Depression

To Those With Depression

To those that are depressed, I bring you these words and hope they fill the belly of your soul and nourish your heart,

Today, may be tougher than the former or maybe not. Maybe, today is like any other day, you struggling  to remove yourself from your bed is but a wishful feat and nothing more. As you are coiled in the monotony of sadness that seeps from you like foul breath; from a desperate evening of melancholy. Maybe, the mere action to place a smile upon your face may feel like lifting the world from your chest.

I know these feelings well, I know them as well as I know the color of my eyes. I know when even a sunrise is no more joyful than a slaved day at work. When the world is pressing you into the unimaginable sinking of despair.

Where the air is thin but anxious thoughts a rabid. Where colors fade and all you see is grey and the whispers of death sound so sweet. Maybe you have fallen much further than I, where the act of infliction's don't just manifest in the head, but upon the striking of the flesh.

Bitter the world may seem, the universe and all its glory playing cruel tricks. Leading your soul to a depth of misery so deep, it almost feels better to allow it to suffocate what ever light remains. Than to lift a foot and take a step forward.

I know the constant walls that seem to be built, I know when the eyes become but led weights to the soul and remain shut. It is a miserable existence to merely breathe, watching as others flutter by like butterflies with smiles upon their pretty little faces.

Seeing such things, the darkness swarms like locus and fills the mind with utter weakness and resentment. Maybe not toward others, but of yourself. I know the coldness that can breach the warm embrace of those closest to you. Where even their presence appears dull to the senses.

Where a room, empty of light, held by the void of emptiness seems more accommodating to your presence than anything. Everything, at every second, of every hour, of everyday, feels wasteful, bland to the heart.

Your own skin feels foreign but you know their is no escape. No doctor that can prescribe a new organ of skin, so that you may feel hope once again. I know this all to well, and the dire thought to end it all.

But in all this misery, I speak to you from the bottom of my heart. Give yourself one more day, and today, force upon your face a smile. No matter the anxiety, the suffering, the misery that may be clinging to you. Place a smile upon your face for you deserve such a thing. You have been gifted a great power, and that power is life.

Smile, but look at no reflection, for this smile is not for your eyes, but for your soul. Find the courage, even if only for a moment, breath in the air, though it may be stale. Smile, let the light back in and listen to what it has to say.

Give yourself another chance, pick the weeds from your heart, one by one, day by day. But do not rush, for you do not want to blindly pluck a budding rose. Nor do you want to drown the roots in water. Be patient in your smile, let it glow.

Let what ever agony you hold to in this moment, be burned in the blazing gleam of your smile.

So, to those that are depressed, I hope these words find way to lifting you from the stone walls you have built. That you give yourself another chance and start with the simple choice to smile, even if for nothing, but the act itself.

But before I go, ask one thing of you, today, do something kind for another. Even just a friendly compliment will suffice, start with a friend or family member, or be brave, and start with yourself.
The struggle of depression is no easy task, but I believe it can be a battle with fighting and a victory can be won. 

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