In The Dark of The Forest

In The Dark of The Forest 

I found her among the woods, where the light never hits. Her hair as golden as the sun, eyes of turquoise, lips of a delicate pink and her skin, the milk of a star.

I could not believe my eyes, someone so beautiful hidden away in the darkest of places. Where the trees stand a thousand feet tall and their roots digging to the earths core. Where the most ferocious of creatures slumber; dragons.

It's a place where goblins roam like ants, making tunnels just beneath your feet. A place where water flows in all directions except to the oceans. It's a magical place, but a magic of darkness. Voices whisper with no reason but to torment even those of its home.

Such magic coils deep in the heart of us all, but is never awakened unless one travels to these parts. Though dangerous, I had to travel here; for I knew grace lives beneath these giant trees. In my search I knew I would not fail.

For in my journey I could always hear the faint strumming of a harp. It resonated inside my heart, the closer I approached these dark woods, the more I could feel the music. It had magic I could not explain. It was oddly familiar and felt as if I knew it before I ever felt it.

Most say I am mad for going on such an expedition. That what is to be found does not exist. But before anything is be known, it must be discovered. So even I, cannot say whether what I search for exists.

But something in me told me so.

As I looked upon this beautiful woman, my heart started to sing. A melody of wondrous proportions gushed from my heart like a forgotten symphony. My whole body tingled with love and relief. Stress was lifted from my body. I felt as if I was floating in a lake of clouds, I was weightless.

Looking to the eyes of this woman, I fell to my knees and tears poured from me with no reserve for my own accord. I could not stop, she approached me and as she neared my weeping self. She called out my name, placed her hands upon my cheeks and looked to.

In my weeping and in the presence of her embrace, I became free, for what I found in her; was me.
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