Give Me Pain, A Man After Himself

Give Me Pain, 
A Man After Himself

Give me more, let the pain rise to my chest. Let the rains flood to my knees and let my screams of victory be heard to the mountains. Spare me nothing, let no idle moment sit by my side. I wish to fight lighting and be heard like thunder. Let Thor strike with vengeance and I shall raise my sword and rally my soul.

I am no coward to what seeks to destroy me. Every burden that settles upon my shoulders, I shall wear with pride. I will press up from my heels and carry my burdens with persistence. I will allow no white flag to be risen.

If I must retreat, I will not retreat from weakness, but from exhaustion. That in my breaths, you shall see every ounce of me pour from my lungs as if it is my last. I will take advantage of every second that is placed before me.

Returning with a more resistant mind and I shall strike down that which tried to force me a failure. Bring the misery, the suffering, pile them on as a king would his food upon a feast. For I will devour it all with confidence. Till I can fill my belly no more and must digest and prepare for war. Let the lions find me in their cave, and they too shall become trophies upon my walls.

I refuse a cowards mind, for I have seen what it does to men. Even those with bountiful strength. This is no place to be feeble or of the immature. For such stances and you shall be the convenience of even the weaker and those of corruption; and worse, you shall be the enemy of your own undoing and those close will scatter. Leaving one a lonesome trivial of a man.    

If I am to become ill stricken or blind, you shall still find me with my sword, my heart. Dipping to the ink that remains and forging a master piece of I. For no true man falters to the unforeseeable, but rather places their mind to embrace it.

To see it as opportunity to grow, to create an army and conquer the reapers of thought and self. For the best does not come in time of peace, but in time of strain. But I am no fool to follow into strain for the sake of design, but in the search of the new. 

Setting challenges to that which thinks it can quell my thirst for life. I am compliant of the gods but I place no burdens upon them. But if I were to request a challenge to bring me to my ultimate, it would be that, to fight a god.

To see the power at which they hold and the weakness I expound as strength. For no man is as equal to a god, but it would be foolish not to attempt that which would test my capacity to the very last step till death.
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