A View That Changed His Mind

A View That Changed His Mind

I opened the door to an abandoned church, it was just before sunrise. As I opened the door a swarm of doves came flying out. I was quickly caught off guard by the unsuspecting flock. But in the short stint of startled fear I regained my composure quite swiftly.

I realized what an alluring moment it was to be a part of this. An almost fantasy like moment, one you would read in a book. It was amazing, not because the doves were beautiful in their own. But everything that was captured within it.

The church itself of a true piece of architectural beauty. Each stone was perfectly placed to create a very divine symmetry. The stained glass windows embraced the light with such glory; reds, blues, and yellows bent through the windows with perfection. An array of shapes and figures were graciously melded into the glass.

They almost appeared to be as if they were alive but frozen within the colors of the glass. Even the entrance itself held a mighty glorification of the spiritual. A door made of what seemed to be a red oak arched at about ten feet and pressed against the stone with a wide mouth.

When I pushed it opened a deep bellow resonated from its old hinges. In the moment of the doves flying at my face it all came together. At the end of the other side of the church was a window in the shape of a cross. But it was not stained glass, it was translucent like any other window.

But exactly aligned with the sun; opening the door it all formed to perfection. The doves, the sun, the bending light of colors and the sun rising to the top of the cross. Only to end up fading behind the stone wall; forcing the whole enchanted experience to be enveloped by darkness.

Then suddenly, as I was about to step into the church a hand touched my shoulder. I looked back, and there at the step just below me.......

Stood the tour guide looking up at me with slight disappointment for me for veering from the tour. I looked down at him and he said,

"This hasn't been renovated for tours yet, please get back with the rest of the group."

So in my politeness I adhered to his demands with a little bit of sadness and hesitation. But in that moment, after all was said and done. I realized something; some times it can pay to veer from the crowd, even if only for a moment.

You never know what you may find and what you may find is a whole new path. With such an experience I have dedicated my time to be that person that veers often from the herd to find something new. Truth be told, that very night I snuck back into the tour grounds and explored the church. Now I dedicate my time to exploring those places that have been abandoned and left for the masses to merely pass by.

Giving no second thought to what they see, all the while, I work to give such things a story.
Thank you for reading, what path have you chosen?

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