Babylon Thought

Babylon Thought 

Build, build, let us touch the heavens where god seeks to hold us. Let us structure each brick to compose the steps to the heavens. Bear no mind to the agony at which it costs, life is part of the sacrifice.

Let us climb to the clouds and past the stars; where we shall see the eyes of it all. Do not be weary in the work, for this is our destiny. Our true reasoning of our manifestation, were are not of these soils. Nor do we wish to dwell upon them anymore more.

The beauty here has become tedious and shallow. Nothing new sprouts from these false accolades of nature. The trees bear no new fruits, the sky brings no new heights and the earth springs with no new mountains.

We are not meant to live in this haze of existence. Fending through meager flesh to keep our souls pulsating. We have grown bored of the frail design of our thoughts, we have ceased expansion in creation an idea.

This be our only hope, we must climb. Burden your body with stone so that it may be lifted to the heavens. For no new songs bring us peace in our ever lade hearts. We are poised with no new tears for what we cry for; is what each generation cries for.

Love, peace, health, and the warm embrace of the after.

Let us not heed to our limits of technology but bring forth what we can. Let us form together a miracle of man so that we may escape beyond our tears. Form together what we were given in our minds, let us climb.

Touch the clouds with our flesh and flea our bones so that we may free our souls.

Are we not meant for such a thing?

Pay no mind to what else is to be done, for this is our only hope. It is our purpose in this life, can you not see the freedom that welcomes us?

Do you not wish to bear witness no more to sickness, death, and the horrors that nature provides us; in its fevered presence?

Do not fear, we shall reach and we shall be welcomed, let us praise the heavens for giving us our bodies, our minds, and our strength to construct a pathway to the divine. Fear not the consequence that many speak of.

For they are but feeble minds, jealous in our chosen path. We are but people that live in no regret, we take those decisions that many claim fear in. We are but people who deserve the fruits of the after. For we are the only who dare define commands of the heavens.

For do the heavens not praise those who are bold enough to dare rise to it?
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This really shook my soul while writing and reading, what about you?

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