An Unfortunate Love

An Unfortunate Love

Do I begin at the start, or at the end?

Where do I begin my dear?

This is far from where I thought we would be. Strung out on the misery of missing hearts. Coiled in the cold colors of the Arctic, gorgeous, but untouchable. A mere reflection of what could have been. Distant memories fall like rain, flowing to the nearest river.

Only to find their way to the ocean and blend to the others. Where do I start?

My heart is no longer what it is, I hold it in my hand; it beats no more. The blood, dry, petrified upon my flesh. Murder I think, was this me? Am I the executioner of our hearts? 

I do not know, for your lips are no longer mine to taste. Your voice, no longer mine to hear. But I beg with quivering teeth and a body as stiff as death, tell me where I led you wrong? Was it the constant shifting of my emotions? I know I am no saint in the handling of my mind.

Or was it the absence of my affection? I know, I shiver in the act of tenderness, it frightens me so. My minds worries in the thought of rejection, in thought we shall all end. Too close; and we shall burn like stars, bright, but ever fading.

I am a fool in this game of love. I know.....I know dear, I know you felt for me, you gave your heart as if it would never break. Relentless were you in the mending of my scars, but I held them to well. I placed them in my chest and gave them a home.

You tried, and tried, and tried. But I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. I was feral in my attempt to restrain my shadows and send them to the shallow graves of my thoughts. But dear, know this, I wake every morning to the dream of your kiss.

Foolish I know, for its been three years since we kissed. I should go, just let it all go. As one does in the travels far from home. But my dear, I am a mess; a chaos I confess.

But dear, you kept me together, at least, when I didn't fall to my own instability. You had me as a whole, as long as I didn't taste too many drinks. You had me dear, all of me; as long as I expressed the haunting of my thoughts. But I grew exhausted of expressing, feeling I drew you bored of my lips, my voice.

But I desired no such thing; and so foolishly I gave my heart a box, my mind a cage.

 I grew silent, as did you.
Thank  you for reading, hope you enjoyed this peace of unfortunate love. 
Are you hiding your pain inside, or do you give it air?

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