A Whiskey Love

A Whiskey Love 

The whiskey settles upon her lips. She clears the resting residue with her tongue. Placing her glass down she raises her eyes to the pink horizon as a tears falls from her eye. A wallowing pain of memories hack at her beating heart. A small pick strikes away with each sip of whiskey.

She forces an aching smile upon her face. Places her hand around her glass and takes another sip. But the whiskey is not enough, the pain still cries out with a heavy presence. She lowers her eyes from the sky and looks to the whiskey that sits in her hand. She examines it with curiosity in hopes it will suffocate the misery that saturates her heart; at least for a brief moment.

But nothing suffices for comfort. So she places the glass down, another tear falls. She tries to articulate the pain that strangles her. But she shutters in agony and reaches into the right pocket of her jacket that is draped on her chair.

From it she pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a small pink lighter. Pulling our the cigarettes and lighter she looks to them with reservation. But she pulls out a cigarette anyways and lights it. A few flicks of the lighter and she inhales her first heated consumption of smoke.

She coughs, looks the cigarette over and says to her self, "Funny, you're the reason I quit smoking. Now you're the reason I start back up."

She inhales a few more times and lets the smoke drift our from her lungs gradually. She then takes up another drink of whiskey. She then sees it is near its last drop; takes another satisfying inhalation of her cigarette and finishes off the whiskey.

The sun begins to fade behind the landscape of suburban homes. Grey clouds enviously take its place and absolve themselves of rain.

She smiles again and begins to fight back tears,

"Love used to be everything I dreamed it to be. But you ruined that, you tore my innocence of love from my chest and burned it at the stake....why..." (she can hold back her tears no more)

The world feels as if it has collapsed upon her shoulders. She cries with a tight chest, anxiety takes her lungs. She inhales her cigarette between the short sprints of silent tears. Suddenly the front door opens.

Her mother approaches her and asks, "What is wrong my dear?"

"He left me mom, he's gone, I thought he loved me....he chose another....why?"

Her mother wraps her arms around her and says.

"Your heart will break more than once my dear. Those that break it, deserve no reward of your suffering. You will always have your heart and if another is to love it, they must love their heart just as much. Let no other allow the satisfaction to see you give up."
Thank you for reading, I hope this found a spot in your heart.

How do you keep yourself from running from love? 

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