What Keeps You Moving?

What Keeps You Moving?

What keeps you afloat in this drowning but dazzling world?

Is it the flowers that bloom regardless of how bitter or harsh winter was?

Do you find the drive to keep pressing on because of your children, your family, or friends?

Or is it the fear of ever falling back to where you were?
To lose all you have gained and become the frail pawn of sadness once more.

To plummet to that dark alley where the scathing embrace of misery laid its head. Where the repugnant aroma of suffering breathed it breath. Leaving you soiled in its heated fluids of loathing. Causing the shivering of your soul as if to be a lonely child to the abuse of an unsightly offender.

That empty room where you consumed the darkest thoughts as if it would bring hope.
That addiction of agony that few truly understand.
That excruciating feeling of wishing to expire and succumb to the insufferable call of death.

What keeps you going?

For what ever keeps you going, I pray the clarity of what you need finds you. That it binds you to an undefeatable approach of life. That there will be no doubt in your mind that what you plant from this day forward, will never cease to keep you in constant advancement. That though you may lose your map to the barbaric enemies of life, you will fear not. For you will always see miracles before you, you will always see reasons to venture on.

That you shall grow, no matter the circumstances, the pain, the agonizing struggle to keep yourself above water. And though at times, it may feel you are the only one aboard your ship. There are those waiting to give you hand. To help you cast sail to the sea and find where the waves take you.

But you must be willing to set aside your rank and invite the request of help. For no ship will survive these oceans alone.

So, what ever you hold dearly to, hold with every ounce of strength, every day , every second. For there are those believing in you. You may not seem them now, or maybe you do. What ever it may be, keep going. Eventually you shall see the crowd that stands before you, that looks to you for depth, for stability.

For we each are a root, for another.
Thank you for reading, tell me, what keeps you going? 

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