The Grief of Love

The Grief of Love 

Grief it may bring, the sad echoes of the broken. Like dead trees in the sulking of winter rains, with no leaves to bear, only the skeleton at which they clung to. The empty soils of tears and the bleeding of a broken heart.

The screaming of the chest leaving one open to the voices of the shuttered ghosts of the flimsy, at the unappointed hands of desolation. Eyes of declining sunrises, only to be kempt by vapors of the dejected view at hand. Poured in the distressed memories of sorrow stirred in the fading hopes of soulful thoughts.

Like the black cat in the crossing of the street, one conveys their superstition to not allow it to pass. So their days are lived in the anxious of what shall never proceed further than their own mind. Unwilling to fetch the bones that held together their heart. Leaving their sorrowed soul to the transfer of agony.

Experiencing the howls of who they once were as it is ripped from them, like calf is taken for the joy of meat. Helpless one becomes, as shadows scourge their likeness for love. Spreading vexation for any kind of faithful hope. Hope one might peel from the underbelly of their misplaced soul.

A soul they left in the grieving of tombs, sketching their name upon the wall. Mute in the speech for an ear, sewn shut as sutures to a wound. But there stands no surgeon to concur the precision of such an incision.

For muteness to take place in the deceleration of ones lacerated heart. Is to bring impotence of the soul, leaving one weary to the point of wild hallucinations of fear. Fear in the expression of self, in the freeing of misery that paints the heart black. Crusting like scabs to a rotting corpse.

Grief it may bring, this ever so needed and craved miracle. In the moment, two can hold well to one but many are left alone. Cold in the bleak distance of isolation and lonesome songs of romance. Bleed, bleed, from the scars of a beautiful creation, clearing the filth from 
devastated veins.

Grief it may bring, but love was never meant to be taken lightly.
Thank you for reading, what does love me to you?

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