Swing From The Willow

Swing From The Willow 

Swing from the Willow, find peace in the rain be no stranger to silence. The wolves prowl but you bleed with no fear. The roots from which you stand are yours, embraced, entwined in the essence of your breath.

Your eyes have seen the darkness. You have felt the presence of the unholy, of wretched suffering. You have walked amidst the narrow of death and life, living between in a hollowed bosom. But now you have bound yourself to the exploration of ego.

You leave no tears to fall in vein. Your soul reaches heaven, as does it hell. But you are no fool to the devil, and are no virtue to heaven. Your lips are turned inward, only to uncoil in speech that you find worthy.

Your eyes give you sight no more to the bleak. The haze that follows you no longer blurs your vision to its ever anxious dwelling. You breathe with purpose and give no moment without grace. And though you are wrapped in the unfortunate of scars, you praise them each in their own way.

You copulate in the thoughts of good and bad. But you allow not the command of the vile, thoughts of the malicious. You are keen to percolate what you feel, but you do not drink with an idle tongue.

Crows circle in greed of your death, but not the death of this world, but of the other. They secrete with frothing beaks. Squawking with a chocking appetite of their own utterances. They circle to feed in the decaying of your soul, the surrender of what you hold in your morality to keep going. And their eyes shall never leave your side.

You shall always be the view of the damned, as they flare in their excrement's of self induced affliction. Convulsing in the constriction of their own thought, their own binding of cultivation.

But you have made friends with the wolves and now you prowl by their side and now the crows circle with caution.

You swing from the Willow, cradling your wounds and loving the broken. Your tears are but the rain that falls upon you. And the sun is your soul, shinning for the rising of a new day, of a new you.

Swing from the Willow, swing.
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