One More Day I say

One More Day I say

One more day I say, as tears fall upon my chest. My heart overwhelmed in the stresses of the daily. Scrapping by as bills gnaw at the waist of my heart. I can only hope, that some day, these anxious days shall be behind me.

That I will no longer gasp for the air of serenity, for peace of mind. That I will be able to rise from my bed and no longer feel as if I am sunken in a pit of sand. Where days will no longer drag on in the worry of uncertainty, of restless thoughts of, will this be the month I collapse? Will this be where all of what I am becomes nothing more than a pitiful surrendering sack of fragile bones?

But one more day I say, as I hold dearest to my pillow. Crying in silence as I fear my weakness to shake will hinder me friendship. That I will be but a spoiled painting one purchases only out of the kindness of their heart. As one would buy from a child.   

But one more day I say, as I look to grey clouds that eagerly posture themselves to my view. And as I look to them, I cant help but feel myself within them. Heavy, soaked in tears, ready for the release of what weighs them down. To turn their grey into the purity of happiness, to weigh as if nothing is of presence but laughter.

I am but a humble soul who has fallen weak to the tribulations of life. But one more day I say, one more day. Go on I say, go on. Find the path that will lighten my heart. Find the treasure that will bring me the joy I seek. Let myself be aware of what holds me, but feel no guilt in its existence.

I am but human in my actions and it is I who must take control. It is I who must console the aches in my body, my soul. I am no more perfect than the next, but I must have something to give. For, why would I have breath, if not to be of something better than I am now?

One more day I say, one more day, let no pain hold me. Let no dreary accent of sorrow pity me. I am a coward no more. I am my caretaker, I am my soldier, my philosopher, I am my own. I shall let worry be my tongue no more. Quiver I may, in the first coming steps. But I am boundless in my approach and I shall find courage and grace in my attempts.

I shall become no more the petrified to failure, no more will, I be the anxious to my thoughts.
Thank  you for reading. There is much in life that can weigh us down, there is no guilt in the pain you feel through tough times. There is no guilt in wishing to fall, but if you fall, get back up and try again. Try till life has given you your last breath.

How do you handle stress in life?

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