A Master Piece of Beauty

A Master Piece of Beauty 

This distant feel calls from the stars. A strange but warming sensation, my heart beating in a fluttered pen of wings. My gut, twisted, but warm; I feel, what one would say, nervous and happy. It feels as if the stars are being flirtatious in with their presence.

Turning cheeks and batting eyes, and I, no thought on how to react. I blush, turning my eyes to the ground like a child nervous upon his first kiss. My skin, feels light, almost as if its pulling me to the heavens. A wisp of air catches my cheeks and I am warmed by a smile.

I pursue in pleasure of the moment, though my tongue quivers in anxiety. I am lost for words, for the beauty I am presented before my tired soul. Is elegant, its vibrant, its.....unspeakable. Why has it revealed itself to me?

I am but just another soul seeking fortitude among the cold and lonely snow. Following trails of footsteps before they are taken by the rain. Washed away, never to be seen again, fleeting to the empty sorrow I cry.

Yet, unforeseen, is a gift bestowed upon me. Something of a rare antiquity one might say. Something, of infinite appraisal. Its significance, only measured by the worth it gives its self.

I, have been given the opportunity to be such a lucky soul to hold it. To feel it, not only between my callous fingers, but in my wandering heart.

What have I done to deserve such a wonder, such a remarkable piece of creation?

I am no designer of wealth, of great achievement. I am but a simple man lending himself to the daily wills of my labored body.

Yet, here, before me, is heaven, an angel of dynamic proportion of breath, of life and love. I can compare not to the brilliance she is. Magic I would say, a goddess, a rib taken from god. Placed upon my plate and given to me for great care, and her. Unraveling from the marrow of a master piece.

In my fortunate, she has chosen me, and I, would be foolish not accept. I kneel in admiration, shes raises me by my chin. Our eyes converge, I see stars, planets, milky ways yet to be explored.

My heart races in anxious excitement, we kiss, and I am given the lead, and I, am given as a shield.
Thank you for reading, I hope this touched you in a graceful taste.

What do you find brilliant in the one you love, or seek to love? 

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