Darling, Love Again

Darling, Love Again

Darling cry no more, for he deserves no tears of yours. Though agony may have found place in your heart, the wonders of love still await you. A man of loyalty, of constant faith awaits your hand. Be still, be patient, but while you wait.

Become consumed in your existence. Find where you belong within, search no storms outside of yourself. Cry if you must, but cry to grow, swing in the branches of life. Be gentle to your soul, but become not the most agreeable in the room.

Be steady in the awaking of your heart. For many waves shall wish to drown you, be not worried for shore. For much food swims beneath you, be skillful in the survival of your desires. Cease not the reaching of your goals and settle in fear of the spinning hands.

There is no wrong in wishing for love, for living for what binds us. For what creates a growing earth. And though upon your journey, your streets may be empty. Hugged in barren trees and a somber haze, carry on. For there is magic to be learned, love to be held, lips to be tasted, and hearts to dawn.

You are beautiful, even in the most tragic of days. Your are whimsical in your design, you are the snow upon distant hilltops. Clothed in a sphere of delicate hues, but are no fool to the devils that wish to exhaust them. To make them frivolous in reality, to cause delusion in your own complexion.

And though you are dazzling in spirit, in sight. You are no without your flaws, you are an enigma. A maze of intrinsic architecture, you are creature of emotion. But that my dear, is what makes you stunning, it's what makes you, magnificent.

For no love wishes for the simple, for the mundane, we are all in search of resistance, of constant unknowns. And love, is the perfect place to all that which wish to give and all that which we need.

So darling, be humble in your broken heart, for it has given you the answer, to what love is not.
Love has tarnished many, but it has built more than we have ever built. Do you let old love keep you from the new?

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