Become The Kingdom You Seek

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Become The Kingdom You Seek
Beat, beat, beat, let your heart rage. Let your blood rush through like a howling flood. Let no dam be formed in the veins of your flesh, for much is set for you to gain. You are a spore of your dreams, cease not to the flames of hell. Let no demon cling to the reaches of your eyes. Be still in the ever wavering oceans. Crash upon your shore, conquer the sickness that wishes to devour the dwellings of your soul.

Raise your shield against the dragons, defend against their flaming breath. Your blades purpose is their heart. Rush them in the midst of their exhausted flames. Peel back their scales, drive your blade through their dense ribs, puncture their blackened hearts. Let their impure blood seep from their bowls and die to the oxygen of life.

Signal your smoke, let your army rise upon the imprints of your steps. See the horizon before you become your kingdom. Goad the growth of your needs and give in the prosperity of your surge. Let your skies become a storm of imposition, for you must always be on the path of production.

Leaving no field empty to tending, raising crops for all seasons. Breeding only champions to perch within your empire. Never seek refuge in time of war, for all look upon you. You are not alone in the seeking health, in the desire of wealth, and the obsession of success. Reach out when all seems lost to the chasm of burdens. Be prudent in your actions, never let haste to your blade in provoked emotion. Cry out in the open air and call forth your angels and cast your demons back to the underworld.

For no true king acts in hunger. Appeal your kingdom with ambition, for it is your only dominion. Never act in eagerness, never let lust be your devotion. For kingdoms fall in the greed of flesh. And many find no supplies to restore. Filling their hearts with much regret, becoming an anchor for shadows.

Turning from skies of rival, to skies of apathy, of massacre, becoming mad in the twisted craving to commit destruction. Boiling their blood till it dissipates from all organs of the body. Leaving them dry, thirsting in an appetite that cannot be appeased. Falling to a disease conceived in the reckoning of their own touch.

You are the creator of your walls, of your blades, your army, your whole existence upon your moment of breath. Live it well, live it strong, let no words of another strip you of hope, of your aspirations. You are meant, for the seizing of you.
Thank you for reading! What dreams are your out to conquer?! 
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