A Letter Of Love

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A Letter Of Love

I call to you my love, from the highest tower from the highest point. Not even the moon is out of my reach. My heart swells with love for you, to feel your lips against my lonely soul. To perch ourselves in the dead of night among the stars.

To gasp at the sight of your body and behold what lies within.
To savor you like ripe fruit, freshly plucked in detailed accord upon a summer breeze. To taste you in the bitter fall, to dance with you by a blazing flame beneath the falling snow. I wish us to gaze into empty blue skies, to lay with fingers laced, whispering our affections. 

To beseech your heart beneath the wings of cupid. To sheathe your finger in the forever. To birth what ever desires you may yearn for. To hold you to the sun and let you sip upon its warmth as we guide ourselves through this wilderness of love. 

I pray for us to never go without the thought of the other. Even through the waves of anger, to grow fonder from such battles. You are prefect, though I know I am not. I shall give you my all, I shall share my shoulders. I shall burden your pain as well as mine.

I shall leave you with no craving of needs. Let me be your provider, an extension of life. Let me feed you my desire to care for you. From here, to the distant planets we have yet to name. Let us be free in our love and bind ourselves no more to the shallow seas of sole. Let us become a vision of Arcadia, let us find harmony in our breaths. 

I lend you my hand and offer only the finest, and though our finest may be another mans dullness. It will be ours, with no memories that will leave us crippled. I give you my sword, my shield. Lend yourself in passion, protect yourself from the cold weaves of lust. I am truly a man in the embrace of your entirety. I have melded myself to your winds and I hear your voice as if it is mine. 

Oh love, let us travel in this fading of time, till your bones become to frail to bend.  
What words will you tell the one you love on this Valentines day?! 

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