Where Does A Lonely Soul Go?

Where Does A Lonely Soul Go?

Where does on take a lonely soul? Where does one find solace among this heavy haze?

A thickness where the sea compares as air. An open road, cumbersome feet, melancholy lines, dividing happiness from the mind.

An overcast of romantic hope. But quickly dwindled in the mist of a downcast. Shadowing the heart in gloom. An oppressive misery wraps its damp arms around the chest. Suffocating the rhythm that once beat with ferocious courage. But now beats seldomly, with intent only to keep breath leaving the the lungs.

Beasts form in the clouded view, eyes of raging flames. Standing in the height of mountains. Over baring, thoughts shriek, screaming in the emptiness that has carved its home inside. Still, silent, watching as the monsters approach. Strangely feeling a release, a comfort, the willingness to leave it all behind. Become consumed by what is unconsciously derived from depraved suffering.

Leading chaos to the garden, smelting all the roses, burning all the trees. Become barren in the hopes of another. Scattering wings of angels as voices yell to be abandoned. Listening only to the shriveled lips of the forsaken. Bitter in consequence, esteem depleted, seeing no beauty.

Echoed in the out reaches of the fog. A single light, but too far, never within reach. Come home says the tunes in the far distance. But ears have found home in the bleeding, in the rotted stems of severed veins. Needle and thread have found the canals of the ears, the throat found the scorching of sands.

A sunken heart to the oceans of the isolated, the lonesome, the overwhelmed. Emotion has no ending here. An imperialistic dictation of tones adheres to the flesh in these forgotten lands. A torment of demons huddled around each finger. Nibbling to the woes that drip in callus anguish.

 Does one take a lonely soul?
Thank you for reading, I hope you found something from this. We all suffer from some sort of pain. My way to fight back is to write about it, what is your way to fight back?

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