The Existence of Life

The Existence of Life 

Have you ever truly looked to the existence of life?

Have you seen the the vastness that exists between each molecule, each color?

If you have, then you know what it is to weep. To cry at the beauty before you. To see the miracle of a painted horizon as the sun simmers to rest. You have seen the smile of a new born as you pass by it's mother. And in seeing such a graceful creature be brought into this beautiful world. Your heart warms at the sight its smile.

If you have truly embraced life, then you know eruption of all senses. The colliding of skin upon  fingers, lips locked in love. Though these things may have broken you, you still find beauty in them. You find the rain to be gracious in its giving of nourishment to our surroundings, to us. You have enjoyed the aroma of winters cold touch as well as the fragrance of spring after the falling of rain. You have placed your eyes upon a rainbow, not out of a glance, but out of admiration.

You admire its sparkling graces as it shimmers in the misted sky. Its almost have if you can sense the magnificence that surrounds you. Its almost, as if god has touched you with a simple a breath. Releasing you of an imprisoned life within yourself.

Truly seeing this single rock beneath your feet, the chance to walk it. To give to others and praise yourself in accomplishments. Leaves you floating to the unearthly, to the heavens. To hues that others have yet to see. You watch as life springs forth to you, though it may cast a viscous hand hidden behind is doughy eyes.

You run your fingers through blades of grass for just the chance to hold summer beneath your flesh. To capture not only with your eyes, but with your whole being. To consume each breath you take as if it is your last. And though you may fall, tumble down the cravats of life. You have felt the wonders it can bring.

You have seen the stars be more than stars. You have seen people, be more than people. You have seen others triumph where you failed. You have seen others fail where you triumph. Yet you give no second thought to what it means to live. For much is burdened in failure, but more is blossomed.

And now you wonder why so many hid themselves from within. Snuffing out the flames that wish to rage. To blaze to the moon and shower the world with new life. With ashes to fertilize the broken and mend the hopeless.

If you have truly seen the existence of life, then you know the power each of moment. And if you have not, today, take a moment to embrace the simple pleasures of what you ignore on the daily.
 Thank you for reading, do you ever get caught up in chaos and forget to see what is right in front of you?

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